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    How much are you paying Twilio for their service? Did you consider any options for sending SMS?

    I do something similar with a filter that forwards certain emails to <my number>, which sends a text to my phone. Other carriers might have a similar feature.

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      Smart idea! I hadn’t thought of that.

      I’d previously done similar where I use Gmail’s SMTP access to send a message to <my number>, but have some other ideas for Twilio projects that made me want to dip my toes in here.

      With my usage patterns this costs no more than a couple dollars a month ($1/month for a phone number and SMS are $0.0075 per message).

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        If you’re doing something more involved, it’s better to switch away from Twilio before you get too invested, as they’re probably the most expensive SMS provider out there. For example, I’d recommend looking at Plivo and Vonage instead (particularly for incoming messages):

        And if you want to make your program more general, you can use XMPP as the transport and then plug it in to something like or just use the Conversations or Siskin app on your phone to get the push message instead of your SMS client.