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    Nice article!

    Just one thing the author @gonzalo may have missed: It is possible to run a matrix server under the main domain.

    The approach is to set it all up under its own subdomain and then expose a .well-known or DNS SRV entry on the main domain pointing at it (see the standard).


      Very nice and concise article. I do wonder a bit about postgres - why not use a Unix socket rather than tcp/ip over loop back?


        sure it is possible, I found it more convenient to do it on it’s own subdomain, but the structure is the same as you said. thanks.

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        Yesterday I’ve put up a list of forks that I know of so far:

        One of the things I want to look into at some point is setting Content-Security-Policy: script-src: 'self' to eradicate XSS (so far it works but also breaks some functionality because all the JS is inline).


          nice, maybe tedu@ it’s interested on it ;)

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          I love honk. If you find you have a spare half-hour, go read through the honk source code—it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

          I maintain a honk fork with added support for avatars and fancy @\user profiles, and a reskin. Another cool fork is @ols’s yeet which sports a full-fledged UI overhaul and has been largely de-honked.

          There are a bunch of other honk users with their own forks. And that is the beauty of the honk: super easy to run, super easy to hack on and make your fedi presence truly your own. Long live the #honkiverse (#honkverse?).

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            Ahahahaha the commit log has a few gems too:

            got a case of the what just happened

            bonks should inherit format from xonks, obviously.

            Add support for gif emus

            make sure all the logging goes in the log

            see what happens if we start saving badonks

            A golden case of writing commits without ever expecting someone else to have to understand them. XD

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              oh no, let’s keep the “fedithing” for the other guys xD


                Here’s a patch that handles informal id specifications, such as “” (instead of


                Can’t wait to try your fork!

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                I tried Honk for a while and loved it. I don’t actually need any more social media in my life so I stopped but if you want to self-host a fediverse server, it’s the easiest to set up by a long way.

                I spent longer setting up a reverse proxy than I did getting honk to run.

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                  you did over OpenBSD or something else?

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                    It was just Debian on a cheap VPS. Used caddy for the reverse proxy and just ran ./honk in tmux