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    I also think it should include Hedy Lamarr, who invented frequency-hopping spread-spectrum transmission.

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      That would be great for electrical engineering, but didn’t involve computers. :)

      Apparently she got into the field from her first husband who ran a munitions company. I bet she’d be an awesome person to have dinner with and talk to…another one for the historical figures dinner party list.

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        Wireless SoC’s or networking? And does frequency-hopping, spread spectrum work without computer algorithms doing signal processing?

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          It was originally implemented by Lamarr on rolls of punched taped running mux/demux stuff. So, yes. :)

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      By the way, we’re also doing an international phone testing. If for some reason you try it out and find that it’s not working for you, please let me know! I'l greatly appreciate any feedback on that regard since we don’t have the resources to test this by ourselves in every country in the world :)

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        Very cute! I’m in Australia; I dialled the test number, heard the message — I appreciated hearing from the robot itself, hehe — and then got ‘Line busy’ as expected (Android).

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          I tried calling from Google Voice and just got a busy signal after several rings. (The 415 number timestamped about 5 minutes before this post.)

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            Hi Greg, that’s weird, since the call got through and there are no errors. If that’s not much of a bother, could you please try again sometime? Thanks!

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            Calling the number worked as expected (I heard your message and then the robot) from my mobile here in Malaysia. I then received an immediate callback from my network provider here (Celcom) which connected me to their general service line (“press 1 to check your balance…” etc.).

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              We’ve seen weird behaviors from telcos, but you’re the first to report this. Does this happen when doing regular missed calls or international calls? Thanks for your feedback!

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                Apologies for the delay replying, I missed your message. No, this doesn’t happen with other international calls or missed calls (Celcom usually send me an SMS if I have a missed call).

                I’ve just tested again now, and I got your message + the robot, as expected… and then no callback from Celcom! Perhaps something has changed in their system in the last month?

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            I think this is a great idea, especially given the wrath that other distributions have gotten for embracing the wild west that is GNOME and their constant decisions to change the interaction model.

            Hopefully XFCE is a little more stable for users. I like to refer people wanting to refurbish an old computer into something useful to Debian, and them using XFCE would make it easier for me to support, at least.