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    Cool! I once tried Goxel but didn’t know now it has procedural generation language built in in current versions, that is used on this site. This procedural generation language would be great to have in Minecraft, it’s a good idea for Bukkit plugin.

    P.S. It would be good if there will be possibility to rotate view without using third mouse button, for example Apple Magic Mouse does not have it, and maybe some touchpads and trackballs too.

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      If you wanna do procedural generation in Minecraft, there used to be a plugin for Bukkit called WorldEdit. It had a feature wherein you can load programs written in JS (interpreted using Mozilla Rhino) and it’d run them when you type something like “//cs script_name.js param1 param2” in chat. It exposed an API for adding/removing blocks to the JS scripts.

      I assume that probably all exists and works still, but I have not checked in a few years.

      Example I made years ago: https://youtu.be/_1exuJaLCbo There are lots of better ones online now like fractals and stuff but that one’s mine :)

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        Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to add an other mode to rotate the view using a key as well. Should be easy enough to integrate the procedural code from goxel into other projects. Anybody interested in doing that can contact me by pm.