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    Is there anyone on Lobsters using mruby? The project looks very interesting, and the 2.0 milestone is impressive… but I’m not sure where I would use it.

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      One place folks are using it is from the H20 web server. You can also embed it in NGINX and Apache, with very speedy results.

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        Not me, but I heard Shopify is using it for their shopify-scripts

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        So this can actually run unmodified CPython and R code, complete with extensions in C/C++/Fortran?

        Or is it like the JVM versions of Python and R, which don’t have the same native extension ecosystem?

        I think it’s the former, since they say they support LLVM-based languages. They probably don’t run Fortran, which is important for R code. But I think that is a big deal because C extensions are what is holding back PyPy.

        Interested in thoughts from anyone who has tried it.

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          Yup, it can! Sulong indeed supports C/C++/Fortran: https://github.com/graalvm/sulong

          There’re discussions about Sulong adding support for languages like Rust, Swift, etc. as well.

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            In theory, NVIDIA is writing Flang which compiles Fortran to LLVM. I don’t know whether Flang supports Fortran code important for R well enough.

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            Three blank lines aren’t copyrightable. The company policy was probably to put that notice on every file and it was easier to just do it rather than bother seeking an exemption.

            I’d assume that GNU adding a –version and –help flag was to comply with their own coding standards requiring those flags, not a legal ploy.

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              Thank you for the site!!

              The Ruby in Hollywood Ruby brigade might be a good fit for helping with the server/host payments and app features/upkeep. We’re a weekly meet-up of mostly Rails developers. We’ve been looking for a project to take on as a meet-up to hone our skills while we teach our newer members. And we have multiple lobsters in the group!

              Edit: I see the irc community rallied with a proposal! We’d love to help. Maybe we can tackle some of the Github issues.

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                @sentence.gsub! /\b\w/, &:upcase