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    Like some others, I use the Keyboardio Model 01, although I use it with the QWERTY layout. Planning to switch to the Keyboardio Model 100 when it is released for hotswappable switches.

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      Daniel Solove (privacy law expert) has a great article-turned-book on this, ”‘I’ve Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy” – it’s worth reading the whole thing (~28 pages), but he outlines the core of the problem as: we mostly start with a bad definition of privacy, and a bad understanding of what harms may arise from breaches of privacy.

      Once you start unpacking those, there’s more meat for people to get their hooks in:

      The deeper problem with the nothing to hide argument is that it myopically views privacy as a form of concealment or secrecy. But understanding privacy as a plurality of related problems demonstrates that concealment of bad things is just one among many problems caused by government programs such as the NSA surveillance and data mining.

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        Very excited for this campaign – love my Solokeys! Any word on shrinking the components to fit in the USB-C form factor?

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          Thank you much!! We just posted an update as usb-c is already the #1 FAQ :)

          We can’t promise anything at this time, but depending on the success of this campaign -and if we’ll keep receiving this feedback- we may look into that. Or, maybe someone in the community will take over the challenge, we’d be more than happy to offer our support with the logistics and with our firmware, which is 100% open source and free to use.

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          I just finished writing the same program in Rust that I have in Python and Go as well, I was considering doing a write-up of the experience and performance.

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            I’d be interested in reading that comparison

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            From their pricing page:

   FREE For personal use only FREE

            No thanks, I’ll stick with mailu.

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              According to

              Also, the idea behind Mailu is based on the work by folks from If free software is not the reason you chose Mailu or if you are seeking long-term professional support, you should probably turn to them instead.

              But yes, that was a turn off for me too.

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                Interesting, I didn’t notice that before. Thanks for pointing it out.

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                Have you had a good experience with mailu? In particular, how’s the upgrade experience across major versions?

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                  I’ve found it really good. I’ve blatted and rebuilt boxes several times and done a ton of upgrades from god knows how long ago. The only issues I’ve had have been with running other things on the same box behind the same server, but my setup was originally from a pre-1.0 version.

                  If I was starting from scratch I’d probably go with mailcow, but I’m not and it works, so I’m sticking with it.

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                    I keep their docker-compose template around so I can diff it against my version, and redo my changes to their new template, and that works pretty well. not seamless, but reasonable, at least for a simple config (my personal server).

                    For the other host where I integrated mailman3 into mailu (, things are more complicated, but that’s unavoidable with this architecture (loosely coupled components and their config files managed by an overlay project)

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                    Also no source available as far as I can see, only a Bitbucket page with an issue tracker. Rather hard to see what exactly is being set up like this :-/

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                    Probably not the most efficient way to combine fzf and rg, but I use this function daily:

                    fo () {
                            local file
                            if hash rg 2> /dev/null
                                    file="$(rg --no-line-number --no-heading "" | fzf -0 -1 | awk -F: '{print $1}')"
                                    file="$(grep --line-buffered --color=never -r "" $@ | fzf -0 -1 | awk -F: '{print $1}')"
                            echo $file
                            if [[ -n $file ]]
                                    $EDITOR $file