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    Weather is still(!) holding well in the Midlands, although I did get drenched in Manchester this weekend. Visit to bike shop was successful, and new bike ordered. (News flash! Cannondale still makes oversized frames! Go down a frame size vs anyone else’s sizings!) Now just have to play the waiting game for it this week (XKCD #281…). Decided a Cyclocross bike was the way to go in the end, rather than a straight road bike. Should be fun, although I’ve already got a few upgrades planned for it.

    Still playing with ansible/puppet/FreeBSD in virtual machines outside of work. Went back to puppet for config management in the end, somehow the syntax feels simpler and easier for me to grok than writing YAML to define tasks in ansible once there’s some non-trivial modules included in the definition. Got the media server recipes where I want them, and now it’s time to start playing with FreeBSD jails to then go jail a few of the applications/services running on it that don’t need to be running under the global host. So much to learn still, gotta learn it all.

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      Haha, oh man, I actually just started down the same path as you last week. Trying my hand at Ansible, and it’s actually really fun! What have you been using for virtualization software? I would recommend Vagrant if you haven’t used it already, it makes managing your VMs SO much easier. https://www.vagrantup.com/

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        Hah, it’s fun isn’t it. I started out with FreeBSD installed from mfsBSD under VMWare Fusion, but blowing it away to check the recipes worked from scratch became tedious (bootstrapping via VMWare Fusion console is a bit manual), so I switched to a FreeBSD box under Vagrant for now. End goal is reinstalling my HP Microserver with FreeBSD on a ZFS root with some jails (instead of SmartOS & native zones which it currently has - as I want to do stuff with USB devices which is a pain on SmartOS.)

        Although having spent this time playing with it, I’m sorely tempted to get a physical server somewhere and stick FreeBSD on to replace my Ubuntu VMs that don’t need to be VMs as my webservers too.