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    I highly recommend the Thinkpad T and X series laptops. My personal laptop is an old T400 and my work laptop is a T460p and both are excellent. They’re less expensive than the equivalent Apple laptop, but extremely good quality. I bought the T400 used and upgraded it with new parts. The T460p was new, but it was still cheaper to buy some of the parts separately and upgrade it myself.

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      Seconding this.

      I have a 2015 Thinkpad X1 Carbon, currently running Linux Mint 18. My second choice when buying it was the T450p.

      The reason I settled on the X1 was basically it’s lighter and I decided I didn’t want/need dedicated graphics. I have a desktop that I still use often so the utility of the laptop for me was primarily mobility with “good enough” performance. If I didn’t have a desktop I would have gone for the T450p (which has been superseded by the T460p).

      I have seen/used a few of the recent XPS 13s, and they also impressed me. So anyone turned off by Thinkpad prices can probably grab one of those instead.

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        I have the 2015 X1 Carbon as well, excellent build quality and extremely thin and lightweight.

        It may not have dedicated graphics, but I’m able to run most pre-2010 games at highest graphics settings. Intel integrated graphics has gotten much better than it used to be.

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          I’m actually really interested in machines without dedicated graphics, because card switching has historically been fraught with problems for me. This is great!

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        I can also vouch for this. I’ve been using ThinkPads for a long time, and currently my developer laptop is an X220.

        Four years old, but with 1TiB of SSD, 12GB of RAM (can handle up to 16) and a decent 35W i5, it is more than sufficient for anything I use it for.

        I’ve also heard good things about the Dell XPS/Precision series from colleagues, though if you want to run Linux it is advisable to stay away from 4K displays for now because of tearing issues.

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          I’m debating the relative merits of the T460p, the X1 yoga and the X1 carbon myself. the higher performance of the T460p is tempting, but i don’t know if I’ll regret the added weight.

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            A few years ago I went from a 15" MacBook Pro to a 13" MacBook Air and never regretted it. Assuming an Ultrabook-like machine will have sufficient performance for you, you won’t regret it (I’m assuming an X1 Carbon will be “fast enough” for most people). After the stagnation of the Air I switched to a 13" Retina MacBook Pro and even after a year it still feels heavy even though it’s only a few hundred grams heavier than the Air.

            With a fast SSD and enough RAM even a dual core low power CPU will handle several VMs and big compiles without problem (at least in my experience).

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              yeah, i’m using an x1 carbon 1st gen as my work laptop and really love it, but i don’t have to do anything heavy on it; all intensive work gets done on my desktop.

              if i hadn’t seen just how nice a sub-3 lb ultrabook was, i’d probably have bought the T460p without thinking about it, but now i’m leaning towards just getting one of the X1 machines and perhaps taking a bit longer to do things like compile the kernel, but enjoy carrying it around and using it day-to-day.

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            I love the T series. I use a T450s since 18 months with Linux and it’s the best laptop I ever used. Light, fast, solid build, all the connectors you need, built-in LTE modem (awesome!), replaceable battery without powering off with the second build-on battery, etc.

            Highly recommended!

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              T series without s is pretty.. brick - comparing to razer blade or mac book - T series looks like it was build 5 years ago.. T series with s is pretty slow … with its dual core- I have T460s and it’s cool for scripting, small medium size project but when you need to compile bigger project or edit video it’s useless

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              oh man.. there’s no good dev notebook on the market from a long time, macbook no esc, razerblade has this huge bezel, thinkpad slow :/

              The new razer blade is closest to become the best machine on the market - but they should fix this huge bezel and update processor with latest quad core kaby lake as soon as it will be available on the market. A lot of users complains also about trackpad.