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    I too am planning to get a copy, maybe try it in Rust and/or Elixir :)

    1. 4

      Why do you think the author decided to announce the results of their third-party audit under a headline that suggests the article is about something else?

      1. 2

        The very definition of ‘clickbait’.

        1. 7

          They changed the title of the post. From their post:

          UPDATE 3/27/19 4:30pm ET: a first version of this post specifically called out 2 other encrypted chat apps, one of which is the gold standard outside of Keybase. By removing the specific mentions, we think we can focus on the positivity of Keybase’s solution, and avoid what feels like trash-talking a great project we actually respect, in an effort to highlight our own solution.

      1. 1

        No investigation has concluded on the cause of the second crash, right?

        1. 1

          I think the investigation is still ongoing, but seems some clues point to similarities between the two.