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    Wrote this a few months back after launching my hiphop-focused sister-site, Hipppo, and thought maybe some would find it interesting.

    Right now the site is largely inactive, but it was a fantastic experience doing the whole project without any substantial knowledge of what I was getting myself into. It pushed me to switch majors back to my original discipline of CS, but obviously I’ve still got an incredible amount to learn ahead of me.

    If this doesn’t belong please let me know.

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      Is the site still up? Looks like you didn’t link to it, and a search for hipppo didn’t turn up anything?

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          Thank you for linking it! Probably should’ve done this in my original comment

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      You can link directly to the lines you want on GitHub.

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        Or even link to multiple lines.

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          yes but HA is still broken and on “TODO”

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          This made my day.


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            Mine too! I really wanted to use the cool Unicode mangled URL he had at the end of the blog post, but lobsters wouldn’t accept it as valid.

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            strange times, now ansible is an IBM product

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              Time to come to the salt side?

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                maybe, but not for the owner

                ansible is bad at so many levels (if you use it for more than 1000 hosts)

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              @hl, are you the author of this?

              I would love to see this expand to include the following and more:

              • a list of ISPs that are proven to NOT have NPORTOUT25.
              • a script that will scan users’ current network connection for known violations and optionally auto-submit them to VT.
              • a new violation for clothing manufactures that make false pockets, and a separate violation for too-small pockets. (These are really common in women’s clothing.)

              Would you say that U-Haul truck rentals violate MPRICE? Oh, it seems somebody thinks so.

              I know it is a wiki, but I want to discuss before I go making changes that might violate the spirit of your project. :)

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                Why require signing in?

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                  Personal user data
                  Email addresses (read-only)

                  maybe there KPI is: select count(*) as KPI from signup;

                  it saves my time (i just left the page), so thanks for that

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                  now build OAAS (offline as a service) please

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                    was not trolling, i’m fine with some sort of standalone js to include.

                    nevermind just found:

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                    thanks, that was an interesting read

                    special thanks for showing me: Aladin Lite

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                      greping ips from a net helped me so many times