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    Crikey, I have every sympathy for you. This seems like a great idea, would you consider opening up the source of your little program for other sufferers? I understand if you feel potentially uncomfortable sharing the details it contains.

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      The plan is to open source everything once I get it working to a level where someone else could actually use it, for sure!

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      Link to the github repo with the print files etc.

      1. 3 - I tried to get hired by them but we couldn’t find common points with my expertise areas unfortunately.

        A non-Electron lean WYSIWYG Markdown editor with outliner features, with plugins support, for stuff like ASCIIMath, ditaa, ASCII UML diagrams, runnable code snippets, etc. (I know, I could learn emacs and org-mode… problem is, I am already fairly advanced in vim, and I don’t suspect evil mode has all the features I use…) Ideally with WordStar keyboard shortcuts.

        A non-Electron GUI email client, with similar features as notmuch, with easy tagging of emails using emoticons/icons and instant filtering by tag combinations (ideally all icons visible at once) and allowing me to easily edit received messages so that I can keep only the crucial parts (but the rest of the whole email text could still be shown “grayed out”).

        A git GUI allowing easy rebasing and splitting of commits via drag and drop on a tree visualization. Also with easy browsing of history and blame-digging (a.k.a. how did this bug/suspicious code get to look like it does now?).

        A car driving simulator using Panini projection and Minecraft-like world editing, possibly on hex grid, shared in wiki-like way so that people could map their cities and train driving in them. With ability to represent non-flat roads, slightly uphill/downhill, up to steep narrow streets of Italian towns.

        A microkernel-based OS working on Raspberry Pi 4 (possibly a set of missing drivers for Genode OS).

        A REPL for Nim similar in power and features to OCaml’s utop.

        Also, did I mention

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          With regards to a non-electron GUI email client, take a look at It is essentially a frontend for notmuch and the developer is very responsive.

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          Reminds of the great Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz that I read as a kid. In one of these the CIA gives him a Gameboy-like console that conceals a geiger counter.

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            I have loved Inkscape since using it for my undergrad dissertation figures. I am always encourgaing others to switch to it when they run out of Adobe credit! I did however have a lot of issues yesterday running Inkscape 1.02 in a sway wayland session, I need to get round to reporting the bug.