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    What no pictures!

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      I’ll add some shortly :D

      Edit: Added some pictures!

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        I like the the built-in camera cover, very nice feature (and laptop.)

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      Tutorials would be a good resource, but one reason that you don’t find many is that they potentially need to be updated every 6 months - and no one ever seems to keep their tutorials up to date…

      There have been various threads on the OpenBSD misc@ list over the years, but as the developers put so much effort into producing great man pages, that has been the default answer to this issue.

      When I was starting with OpenBSD I already had The Complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey as a handbook, as my journey with *BSDs started with FreeBSD, and then when I discovered OpenBSD in 2000, it remained a useful resource. FreeBSD still has their handbook some of which will be relevant to OpenBSD partly as both have their roots in 4.4 BSD.

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        That’s actually one of the reasons I appreciated Burnett’s guide, because he keeps it updated with each new version. I can recommend it to someone with confidence that it’ll apply to the latest OpenBSD release.

        I’m hoping to introduce some of my more enterprising students to OpenBSD and *nix in general next year, and a clear tutorial can be a solid resource to get them over the initial learning curve of interacting with a non-Windows or non-macOS system.

        I agree that the manpages are an excellent resource, and a solid tutorial should lead users toward the manpages instead of StackOverflow.

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          There are professional tutorials from events.

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          Nice, I was actually starting to look at centralising my cloud services on an openbsd computer at home, this could do quite nicely.

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            Warning: every time I see self-hosted email posted to HN there’s piles of people showing up talking about how bad it went. Esp message delivery not being reliable due to both infrastructure issues and blacklisting. It’s often different people saying it, too, which indicates these problems hit lots of people.

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              It’s not necessarily trivial, but a lot of the people posting on HN with that kind of comment, when you inquire further, turn out to have been doing mass emailing, things like sending out large-distribution newsletters or transactional emails for a webapp. Deliverability for that kind of email is a whole different ballgame than just running a private email account.

              For what it’s worth I’ve hosted my own email for about 5 years now and haven’t had any problems.

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                There were also people that said it worked out fine for them. Just really hit and miss compared to self-hosting a web site or something. Email is often used for important stuff, too. I thought I should give a warning for that reason.

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                This is a legitimate concern, to which I would like to add my anecdote.

                I did the following for my personal email address, while looking at what signals rspamd uses for classification. I noticed that replying to a message will lower the spam score, as well as whitelist that message type if configured so.

                Moreover, a similar mechanism exists in Protonmail’s Spamassassin configuration, as well as Gmail’s own Bayes classifier. This can be seen by inspecting X headers.

                For this reason, I asked real free-email users (from my address book, not create accounts on free-email just for this) to send me a test email, to which I replied. From then on, my emails have negative spam score on Gmail and Protonmail. I will test with Outlook soon.

                I don’t have any experience hosting multiple users, because it’s a different game involving privacy laws, tech support, and blacklist politics mentioned in other self-hosting email threads.

                Edit: spelling and coherence (sry)

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                  I’m not sure yet whether I really want to do email yet, but I’ll definitely be moving http, git and a few other things. In the meantime I still have email with posteo and dismail.