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    Excellent reminder that computers, and computer programs, are just machines. Probably some of the most complicated machines in the world, but nothing magical.

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      It’s also why I have a strong sense that androids can not have consciousness (as in ). It’s hard to imagine that there could be subjective perceptual sensation of “redness” in the movement of a wooden pin.

      But then again, what’s the magical part in our wetware?… :-/

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      A markdown file that I sync between phone and PC and view in the android app “Markor”, with the following format:

      # 2021 January
      - [ ] Start an exercise habit
      - [ ] Meditate 30min 6 times
      - [ ] Figure out python asyncio
      - [ ] Buy new table
      # 2020 December
      - [X] Just survive 2020
      - [ ] Start an exercise habit
      ![new year's eve photo](nye.jpg)
      ![hiking photo](hiking.jpg)

      Key points:

      • I add as many months as I care to plan ahead for
      • Of course a headers like “2021” or “2021 January-March” are possible as well
      • The lists contain (optional) checkboxes, so I can see what worked and what didn’t
        • If I care enough, I carry over failed items into the next month
      • Sometimes I write additional paragraphs to detail my plans or break down why a plan failed
      • I add memorable photos to get a sense of progress, continuity and gratitude when I scroll through the file
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        I really like that format. Maybe I will stole it to use with simplenote to try to have a long-term to-do.