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    Hmmmm, let’s see, I can remember owning at least these:

    Nokia 1610, 3210, 8810, 8210, 8250, 8850 (I still have one somewhere I think), and my last Nokia was an n95, I think. Towards the end of the Nokia run there were a couple of KRZRs - my favourite dumb phone, with a neat little external OLED display when that was a very rare thing, and an excellent form factor and general hand-feel. It was superior to the big flat awkward RZR in every way, IMO. Since then I’ve been on the iTrain, upgrading yearly until recently, when I’ve started skipping a year as the form factors get worse and the actual feature upgrades less significant.

    The best phone we’ve ever had was the 5s. Perfect size, thick enough to not have a retarded lump sticking out where the camera is, and just a physically beautiful object. It was too pretty to put in a case, and at the same time not made out of soapy wet teflon, so you could actually hold the fucking thing.

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      Maybe iPhone se2 resembles the 5s

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        I shouldn’t have to choose between “comfortable size and no stupid wobble” XOR “modern performance”. The insides of a modern smartphone are almost entirely battery, there’s absolutely nothing stopping them releasing a thicker model with a screen you can actually use without being Shaq or using two hands.

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          The (probably fairly reliable) rumors say it uses the iPhone 8 enclosure with the A13 (iPhone 11) SoC:


          So, I guess it’s the end of the 5s form factor. I can imagine that they want to get rid of that screen size. However, it’s interesting that the iPod still sports the old 4” (pre-iPhone 5) screen size. Maybe iPod users primarily use it for playing music?

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        Will it be open source?

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          I’m not sure yet. See https://twitter.com/aboodman/status/1221807959212118017?s=21.

          Currently thinking of doing something like what MariaDB does where it starts out BSL then after a year or so becomes Apache.