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    • org-mode: I keep my thoughts, tasks, drafts, blog posts – everything here, it’s my organisational heaven

    • mypy has made me enjoy Python and benefit from the best of both (static/dynamic) worlds

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      is org-mode that good?
      Is there a possibility to use it on ios/Ipad os?
      What is with online sync and merging?

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        is org-mode that good?

        I’ve yet to encounter an ex-org-mode user, which is a pretty strong endorsement IMO.

        You really need to be running emacs to use it, though, which has been too high a barrier for me so far (and ensures it won’t run on iOS).

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          Now you have!

          I never felt satisfied with org-mode because I found it too flexible - it was hard to know what the best way to do things was, and so I kept fiddling with my workflow rather than actually getting things done. I went through a few different tools, and settled on using Trello with a kanban-style workflow in 2018, which I can definitely say was a gamechanger for me.

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            I’m using it on my Android with orgzly and it’s not so bad. Mostly only for adding new notes and searching (Emacs is superior in terms of organization), but it does most of what I expect from my org-mode files on the phone anyway.

            Also there are peopel who run Emacs on the phone (not sure if you can do it on ios), so with an external keyboard it’s meant to be the same experience.

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            AFAIK there are iOS apps, but extracting it out of Emacs kind of looses the point.

            And it’s a text file, you can sync and merge is just like any other text file. Org is just the magic that interprets and manipulates the text.

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              org is glorious. the IOS options aren’t too good, I jump between beorg and plain text edits via an text editor (buffer) when on mobile but neither is really there. Organice.200ok.ch/ comes very closer to what I’d think a good compromise would be but afaict is not a native app.

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            git - for note taking and code versioning and config versioning
            ipfs-deploy - to deploy my website on ipfs
            github-actions - to start ipfs-deploy on commit to master

            Working Copy - to write notes on my Ipad and commit it

            ohh and VSCode and Vim

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              What’s ipfs