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    Every time I see a piece about Eve, I get a little more excited. But at the same time, since I haven’t played with it yet, it sounds almost too good to be true.

    Am I alone in this feeling?

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      It’s a beautiful language, and I’m impressed with everything they’ve accomplished, but it definitely still has some rough edges: there’s no data-type conversion functions, no way to define your own functions without falling back to JS, and other quirks like that.

      (This is true of the last version I played around with. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

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        [Eve member]

        That’s absolutely true. It’s pretty rough around the edges. There’s a whole heck of a lot that still needs to be done and we won’t claim it’s anything but 0.2.* at the moment. :) We’re working through these things as we start to build bigger/more real examples.

        here’s no data-type conversion functions

        We’ve added a couple via convert[value: some-string to: "number"]

        no way to define your own functions without falling back to JS

        That’s true at the moment, but you end up wanting functions pretty rarely in the language so it hasn’t been a priority for us.

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          Thanks for pointing out some rough edges. I guess my biggest gripe is that the articles that keep getting posted seem to make it out like it’s all roses and sunshine.

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            I’ll email them to see what they say about that. And/or send a developer an invite. Might be interesting people to have in discussions here.

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          There is a lot of doc, but is there some textual representation of an eve program ?

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            There is a version in the repo where we had a textual syntax, though the syntax and semantics at that point weren’t the greatest. It’s an open question to us how we want to expose that in the future, but the current version 0 is visual only. That being said, we’ve actually found it to be more pleasant than writing the equivalent text anyways. Checkout my note on visual programming for more rationale there.

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              What I love in text it’s there a lot of tools to manipulate it such as (but not only) text editors

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                It should be fun to write some refactoring tools (I hesitate to say metaprogramming..) for Eve programs in Eve!