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    I start a new job on Monday and will be going from C++ to Rust, so I’m brushing up on the language: finishing reading a second book on it, finishing rustlings, that sort of thing.

    I ported my C99 ray tracer to Rust for some extra practice. After a little tweaking it’s ~15-20% slower, so if I find time I want to dig into that and see where I’m losing performance. A cursory look didn’t show anything stupendously wrong (bounds checks aren’t killing me, inlining looks pretty good, etc.), so I need to diff the asm and see what’s going on. It feels like something in my ball of floating point calculations is very slightly worse, and that adds up quickly.

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      I’m learning Rust at the moment (literally taking a tea break from working through chapter 12 of the rust book as I write this) and I hadn’t come across rustlings, but it looks fantastic! Thanks for mentioning it :)