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    This is startup advice. It belongs on the Orange Site, not here.

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      I believe it to be a common issue in project management, overall, even if it’s seen more on Startups due to their nature.

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      Ok, author listed 3 ways of “onboarding” used in videogames and then what?

      Maybe it is incomplete bur it just feels like yet another of those articles meant to be engaging just enough for you to read the self-promotion at the end.

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        It wasn’t just a question of listing three types of onboarding experiences, but analyzing the up and downs of each and providing a few tips to overall web products. The main point is that those experiences are applicable to a whole lot of products other than just videogames, but I gave those examples because they exemplify the best how very different scenarios may require different approaches and why they work (or not).

        The article is not meant to be misleading or incomplete, and I’ll be happy to change it if you find any way to improve it or it’s arguments.

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          I’m in the situation where this is relevant. The first intuition was that we need an explanatory text. Fortunately one of the team members came up with an idea for how to make the first experience self-evident and have things progress from there.

          If he hadn’t, an article like this would have made us think about it a bit more and arrive at the same result. At least I hope so!

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          Sometimes I find this funny, especially when I continually see ads from something I just purchased off of Amazon from Amazon. Just in case I really needed multiple backups of every item I’ve ever bought.

          Most of the times it’s annoying. My wife and I recently had our anniversary and she knew what I had gotten her. Ads on her phone for gifts I was searching for started popping up before the date. After I gave her the gift she told me and then showed me a ad for the exact thing I bought on her phone.

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            It’s yet another consequence of extending that journey beyond what was necessary and I believe that it is possible to configure retargeting ads to behave in a less invasive way. In your situation, it would be even worse if your wife decided to buy the same item you’ve bought as a gift because she saw it on her phone and liked it.

            I think that that kind of ads will start becoming more “intelligent” as they evolve, but I don’t think that it will necessarily change for the best…

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              That’s strange; why would she be seeing ads for stuff you looked at? Just because y’all share an IP address by virtue of using the same wifi router at home?

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                Reply All has a really good podcast which is asking if Facebook is spying on us with the microphone, but in it they talk about how profiles are linked for advertising. It’s pretty interesting. In my case, as others have said, I’m sure it’s just associating us with our IP.

                The Reply All episode: https://www.gimletmedia.com/reply-all/109-facebook-spying

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                  Ad networks are smart. Two profiles marked as strongly-connected (eg: usually share an IP that isn’t widely-used) is definitely enough.

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                    I’m not sure I’d call ad networks smart, or they wouldn’t advertise recently-bought items; but in tracking people they do exhibit a low, unpleasant cunning.

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                Heya, please don’t take my downvote personally! The article is completely general and not specifically tech-related, which is not a problem in itself; and it was written by you for your company, and that’s also not a problem in itself; but taken together that feels more like spam, hence my downvote.

                A good litmus test, I think, is ‘would I also submit this article lobste.rs if I hadn’t written it, and I found it in the wild?’

                P.s. I really enjoyed your article on Material Design. Thanks again for writing and posting that one!

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                  Hey. I understand the reasons behind the downvote and that also helps me understand better what I should or shouldn’t post. I’ll take this feedback into account for future submissions.