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    I have NEVER had this issue. Great solution though!

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      I am terrible at writing specs, and find my creative juices flow best when there is no plan. I write things out as I go.

      That probably makes me a scrub to some people, but meh!

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        It’s good to see people have a different opinion out there. Its not clear cut.

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        Hey guys! First time poster here. I thought this thread looked like a good place to make my first appearance!

        I have a lot to work on this week, both technical and personal. I work as a web developer for a small local business, and we are looking to launch a new eCommerce store this month, so that has been the major stressor as of late. My project for fun is a C++ GUI program I started called OpenRPG. The GUI itself is written using Electron, but the backend logic itself is written as a CLI program in C/C++. If you have any interest in helping, the repo can be found here.

        In my personal life, tonight my roommate and I are starting a Pathfinder campaign we call “The Post”. The concept is really cool. Essentially there is this organization the players are involved in called The Post. The Post is a military organization formed to defend the planet from evil. But what if there is no evil you may ask? Well then they deliver mail. Yup. They are mailmen.

        It should be a good week!