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    “You can expand your coverage further by maintaining a stable of snapshotted environments in various states, to ensure that your classes do what’s expected in all the contours, dimensions, proportions, decorations, and constructional nuances of the blasphemously archaic stonework.”

    My favorite one, by far.

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      Is anyone else getting an SSL error in Chrome?

      Something is currently interfering with your secure connection to

      Edit: Nevermind, just my work network.

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        I’ve been working on JSONator, a web service for creating random JSON data. It’s heavily inspired by this JSON Generator but with the twist that JSONator creates a (semi-) permanent HTTP endpoint that can be called programatically.

        It think I have it working, but I definitely have some ideas for enhancements and new features. I also really want to design a better web interface - I’m no designer!

        I’d love any feedback, here or as a GitHub issue.