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    People spent actual time participating in this thread………

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      The Haskell ecosystem does have this habit of considering these problems “minor” (and that’s almost a quote from someone who worked on the GHC). Eco-system tending just doesn’t seem to be in the DNA of the community.

      I may be a bit of snarky, but the fact that such a fundamental type as Either is marked experimental speaks a lot about the approach to library gardening.


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        Almost everyone in the Haskell community sees the current package management system as a very serious issue.

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          “Everyone” has also seen darcs as an issue, when it was still the typical VCS in the Haskell world. Sadly, it hasn’t lead to an influx of maintainers and the current state of darcs show that it could have been improved with a team effort.

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            Yep, everyone saw darcs as an issue….. so they moved to git like everyone else. This has nothing to do with Haskell; darcs just lost.

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              Now for the good: there are a lot of things about darcs that I love. I’ve grown very attached to cherry-picking and I imagine I’d be very sad to lose it. The Emacs darcsum mode is a huge win: single-keystroke ‘darcs whatsnew’, and then you get to pick hunks to commit or revert interactively. This has saved me huge amounts of time compared to CVS. And ‘darcs send’ is getting us contributions that we probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.

              Doesn’t look like it supports your statement. And I’m talking about those times.

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        this is an indecipherable presentation about using elm. it is mostly animated gifs, which is why it takes 10s to load

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          So much meme.

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          I’ve started porting Clay to PureScript: purescript-css

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            Hell yes! Thank you.