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    I really want to try and submit a pull request to rustlings. I’ve been going through the projects exercises and thought it would be fun to contribute. Not sure what I would make yet, maybe something having to do with memory management. Their GitHub README is requesting more exercises with that focus.

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      I recently graduated. Got lucky and found a consulting position for software development. I had to move from a city of ~80,000 to the twin cities metro area. Seems like the residents around here aren’t phased by the pandemic. The first day at my apartment there were people outside having a party (no masks-distancing). If only they realized they’re part of the problem…

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        Seems like the residents around here aren’t phased by the pandemic.

        So the twin cities is kinda funky, there are the people that hewed to this hard, those people you wont see. Then there is also the more libertarian bent around here. They’re likely the ones you’re seeing out and about without masks (over generalization but its pretty apt given who I see using face masks as chin hammocks if even). My suggestion is note the bars you see things like this and avoid them like the plague they are. I went to my first bar and they had done things well, 6 foot distancing, wiped down thing after people left, etc….

        And they won’t change until either they get it or a family member does. As someone that knows a few nurses here all I’ll say is I take their word on how things are going a lot more than any talking head.

        Stay safe!

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        Great video. I was recently looking into gemini after hearing about it on pauls podcast. Also, the recommended video on the gopher protocol itself is worth checking out. Great introduction to the community behind both (gemini, gopher).