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    While it has taken far too long, I am grateful that IPv6 is finally being supported on EC2. Now just waiting for Google Cloud…

    Interesting to note that Amazon are limiting IPv6 addresses to 8 per instance. To me IPv6 is a better approach for container networking, as opposed to the raft of SDN solutions and NATing that has evolved around containers, but this would limit me to 8 containers per host.

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      Wow, and there I thought Google (having a rather decent networking infra) would support IPv6, but seems you’re right when looking at GCE ISSUE-8. On the other hand, Azure seems to support IPv6 alright.

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      I’m a little disappointed by the original handling of the vulnerability (at least prior to release).

      Simple telling people to add the undocumented UseRoaming no to their local config with no context seems pretty poor and encourages what is a bad practice, even with the best of intentions.

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        What would you have done?

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          Obviously there should have been a new release that documented the feature, then an announcement telling people to turn it off.