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    Huh… I wonder if “door” games from the dos/bbs era get their name from people who worked on old Solaris systems.

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      The timeline for use of the term would seem to run the other way around, with the BBS usage coming first.

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      (2013) Within the following year the bound was lowered from Zahng’s 70 million to 246. See for more up to date information.

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        The reason I posted this is that RevDB just had its first beta release, and now I just found the official blog post announcing that release. So probably better than the above url would have been this,

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          Semi-related, is there an framework somewhere for building/testing your own Go AI to against? I’ve briefly looked before, but all I can find are Go servers that look like they were last updated in 1998. I imagine I’m just looking in the wrong place, since it seems like Go is a hot topic to train AI against. Does everyone just roll their own game engine/server to test against?

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            You most likely want to integrate with KGS, which is a server where mostly humans play each other.

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              Oooh, I feel silly now. I skimmed KGS, but it seemed to be for humans only. I dug deeper after your recommendation and it seems there is a computer-go room with more details. Thanks!

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                No problem! Getting oriented in a community is nontrivial. :) Good luck with your project, if you decide to spend time on it!

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              Besides playing on KGS, which is great for getting games against humans, here are a few other resources.

              CGOS has traditionally been the place to get a lot of test games against other computer opponents, sadly since the original developer (Don Dailey) passed away it has been less stable and hence less used. Recently Hiroshi Yamashita set it up on another server and it seems to be getting some traffic at (

              Nick Wedd also holds a monthly computer tournament on KGS.

              Finally the computer go community generally hangs out on the computer go mailing list (it can also be accessed through gmane).

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                Awesome, thanks for this!

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                there are some open source bot pachi is one of the strongest the gogui offer the twogtp for automating testing

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                You can also find a pdf of the paper and a couple of videos on the official site