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    Jonathan Ive may hate the logo on https://github.com/apple , i think.

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      What is 'Code review' on comparison table? Is this Pull request or issue system?

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        There are such things as workflows where, within a single repository, somebody checks over code at some variable-by-project point after it has been written and before it has been deployed.

        Generally not in open source. :)

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          Nice! thank you :+1:

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        A single port?

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          Yes, but it is USB-C. According to http://www.anandtech.com/show/8518/hands-on-with-usb-type-c-reversible-usb-connectors

          This opens up the possibility for a dock scenario where a single cable to the monitor can charge a laptop and also mirror the laptop’s display onto the external monitor, and the external monitor would also be able to serve as a USB hub for a keyboard, mouse, headsets, flash drives, and other USB peripherals.

          Also, Apple sells these accessories:

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            To which I’d need to chain another USB hub and a USB-ethernet adapter, unfortunately.

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              Jesus, they make port to distributable thing using external cable. Money, money, money.

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                But look it from a different perspective.

                After coming back home, I only need to plug one cable to the Macbook for doing all of these: charge the laptop, connect to external display, connect to other accessories. In the long-run, I bet that this convenience would win over the reluctant need to buy an extra accessory.

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                  But would it be that much better than any other laptop dock? I mean, it’s smaller, but I’d rather use the lenovo usb 3.0 dock than this thing where you’d have to daisy chain another usb dock to use a keyboard and a mouse.

                  It’s hard for me to regularly admit that I’m just not their audience, even though I drool over retina screens and thin laptops. The dichotomy of what I want and what is possible is frustrating.

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                    I already only need to plug two cables into my MBP: power and Thunderbolt. Everything else (Ethernet, USB keyboard and mouse and headphones) plugs into the Thunderbolt display.

                    How is that supposed to work if you have both an MBP and one of these new ones as your ultraportable? Is there going to be a USB-C to Thunderbolt adapter that actually supports using a Thunderbolt hub like this? I’d be really surprised if that happens or is even technically feasible.

                    More likely, now you’ll need one monitor to hook up to your MBP, and a second monitor to hook up to your USB-C MacBook, and then whenever you want to switch you’ll have to unplug all your shit from the Thunderbolt display and plug it into a USB-C hub.

                    This USB-C MacBook makes more sense if you don’t have any existing Macs.

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                    usb is an open standard. i imagine 3rd party support to be superb.

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                    So, I have to pay at least 79,99 USD just to connect an external display and/or any single USB device?

                    And then I also have to buy an extra HDMI to DisplayPort adaptor/cable for all of my DisplayPort monitors without HDMI (which is, like, most of them), since Apple doesn’t even have any USB-C to mini-DisplayPort adaptors? WTF? Are they declaring mini-DisplayPort dead, after only a few years of finishing up the switch over to Thunderbolt?

                    Why are they only selling adapters to connect MacBook to a “TV or projector”? What about the plentiful DisplayPort monitors?

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                    Yeah; that might be a sticking point some places. I worked a place where it was an offence to plug anything into USB ports, and the security people were discussing plugging USB ports using a hot-glue gun. Possibly for the same reason, PS-2 mice and keyboards were preferred at this place.