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    lol. Too funny. :)

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      I’m reading the book Designing Data-Intensive Applications and tutoring a friend about how to set up and use the LAMP stack on Ubuntu in a VirtualBox VM.

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        I’m reading High Performance MySQL [1], it’s about benchmarking and tuning MySQL, very interesting!


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          An interesting video, thanks. I’m not sure I really understood your main point, but it was fun making some attempt at doing so. I’m just here to comment because I was annoyed that your talking head obscured the fourth quadrant on your penultimate slide and I would be interested in knowing what those words were. I’m guessing that was the Rules/Values section so the word starting with “V” is probably “Values” but I’m not sure for the rest.

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            I used to have two racks full of servers in the spare bedroom of my two bedroom flat (in Epping, NSW). My electricity bill got to $50,000 per year. Heat was a big problem and the aircon and fans I had weren’t good enough. Noise was a problem too.

            I had a fully populated IBM BladeCenter (fun fact: actually from the render farm which rendered Happy Feet the movie) and a bunch of other server class equipment (roughly 50 machines in all). I would advise against this.

            If you need on-prem at home I recommend you check out something like the HPE ProLiant X3421 Gen10 Microserver and if you don’t need on-prem go for cloud. Now instead of a data center in my bedroom I have a X3421 running Ubuntu with 14 VirtualBox virtual machines and 8 EC2 instances in the cloud.

            As for RAID I would probably recommend either ZFS or MD RAID, i.e. software RAID. I’ve seen lots of smart people botch recovery of both hardware and software RAID over the years and my current thinking is that if you’re trying to restore a RAID array you’re losing. My policy for small office / home office is if part of the RAID array fails replace the whole server with new equipment ASAP, don’t try to rebuild the RAID array, if you try to rebuild the RAID array I reckon their is a high chance you will simply lose your data. (RAID recovery is for doing in data centers, not home offices, IMHO.)

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              I believe quite strongly that stand-alone Wikipedia submissions are off-topic for this site, and have flagged it as such.

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                Are…are you saying that it should be possible to infer the type of things we can post here? ;)

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                  Tags enforce that at compile time (posting). User feedback is run-time enforcing ;)

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                    So is not a static website? :-(

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                  Ah, okay, cool. I’m new (as you know), still learning the rules!

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                    It’s just my opinion, which is why I commented that I’ve flagged it.

                    Others might upvote though ;)

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                  The talk is about the idea of “connascence” by the late Jim Weirich of Ruby fame.