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    A common belief is that nix-shell can be isolated from what the user has installed by passing the –pure flag. This is wrong. In fact, it keeps the user’s whole PATH around.


    ❯ nix-shell --version
    nix-shell (Nix) 2.3.7
    ❯ nix-shell --pure -p hello
    $ nix-shell
    nix-shell: command not found

    Seems like your PATH still gets sourced somewhere?

    I’m also looking forward to having my first contribution to Nix!

    Awesome! We need more people that contribute Darwin fixes.

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      Probably a bashrc issue?

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        I just tried this again and it seems to work now–clearly I was misreading the code in the nix source. What’s strange is that a change was merged to keep --pure shells from sourcing .bashrc, although maybe that was since reverted.

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      There’s a very interesting pattern whenever UX comes up on Emacs lists - rms desperately wants someone to turn Emacs into a word processor (and better faces is part of that), but the developer and userbase of programmers are puzzled and have no idea what he means or wants from it. Someone half-listening occasionally suggests org, but rms somehow doesn’t know what it is - and it’s probably not what he wants anyways,

      Also, it’s hilarious how many improvements to Emacs, be it trivial icon or major C major mode improvements, are blocked by bizarre and ideological interpretations of of the GPL. No small wonder why no one wants to come over to Emacs.

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        Laying my biases out here, I’ve been an Emacsish user for more than 30 years, but I think that the various licensing machinations of GNU Emacs are probably not the primary reason people don’t want to use Emacs.

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          I think the implication was that the licensing machinations cause many of the issues that actually keep people away, not that the licensing machinations directly keep people away.

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            t as well as in any other application, and the traditional foot pedal, and other clever solutions like god-mode,

            More blocks the resolution for the issues that keep people away, but same energy.

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            The primary reason is probably that most humans have only five digits per hand, whereas Emacs is clearly designed for octopus.

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              Ignoring the fact that you can use the mouse just as well as in any other application, and the traditional foot pedal, and other clever solutions like god-mode, which makes the default Emacs key binds modal, and evil-mode, which makes them the same as in vi. And did I mention you can just use the mouse?

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                My comment is light-hearted, perhaps yours is too :)

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            I agree, I’ve seen RMS comment something to this effect multiple times. Odd that he doesn’t seem to want to put in effort to understand org mode. I think it could be close to what he wants. This post shows a very nice-looking, nearly WYSIWYG setup: