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    GraphQL is okay. REST is okay.

    Use whatever fit your needs. Embrace the vast amount of options we have, don’t tribalize them.

    At least that’s my personal opinion.

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      Look I don’t come to the Internet to develop a nuanced understanding in shades of grey.

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      I’ve used laptops since I was a pre-teenager. I’ve used Dells, Acer, Sony, Apple, Thinkpads, and I like the Thinkpads more by far because:

      • Community. Huge helpful community everywhere (IRC, Reddit, Discord, forums)
      • Cheap, manual upgrades. Ask in any community about a replacement; you can get the part anywhere.
      • Linux support. Install it, and everything works.

      The Macbooks are awesome. And yes, they might be better than the Thinkpads, but I still like Thinkpads more. And I’ve only owned two, an X220 and a T490.

      I agree they are overrated, but that comes with reasons, probably more subjective, but either way, we use what works for us and what we enjoy using more.

      If you enjoy using a Macbook, Surface, or whatever, go for it.

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        I’m going to get criticized because my site is overengineered with tons of JavaScript, but I love it.


        It’s built using Next.js, a React framework, with Rebass, React primitive UI components and MDX, write JSX directly in Markdown. The website it’s hosted on ZEIT Now as a serverless deployment (each page and each post is a serverless lambda).

        I had a Jekyll site before, but now I write most of my personal projects with React, so I decided to build my personal site with it, too. The website supports Webmentions and has other basic IndieWeb markup structure.

        The blog feature works similarly to Jekyll, you write your posts in MDX files, e.g., blog-post.mdx, and when you deploy those get exported as Next.js pages.

        By the way, I have my analytics public if anyone is curious https://app.usefathom.com/share/hwimpavv/jolvera.dev

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          I’m working on a Telegram bot, primary for my wife and me, that will reply with a video file from a given link.

          We share a lot of stuff to each other, mostly memes, funny videos, etc. from Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, but we hate that we have to visit them to view them.

          Other families wanted to use it as well so I’m adding a bit more functionality and resources. Currently, it’s using the free tier in Heroku, Redis lab and ElephantSQL (Postgress as a service).

          Feel free to try it: https://t.me/replyVideoBot

          Some old family members want to try it as well, but they don’t use Telegram, so I’m making it so you can email the service and it will reply with a link to the file as well.

          Might add a Slack bot instance as well, who knows.

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              • I’ll fix the Webmentions implementation on my website built with Next.js
              • I’ll continue to work on an ActivityPub server implementation with Python
              • And will prepare for an interview I have soon.
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                What’s that Disqus alternative again? commento.io?

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                  Yes. Isso is also a good alternative.

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                  I’m working on a front-end development link-aggregation site created with Telescope, basically is a community of passionate front-end developers and web designers focused on help each other, discuss and share interesting things in our industry

                  You can check it here Frontends.org

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                    Meteor ? Neat!

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                    Pretty cool project, and I love the fact this doesn’t have hard dependencies, like other similar projects.