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    I run on AWS.

    • We’re provisioning resources via Terraform, it’s incredibly convenient especially considering the number of resources we deploy to multiple regions
    • We update dependencies manually, re-deploying using Terraform
    • The team is made up of only one guy.
    • One of the benefits of using a tool like Terraform is how little maintenance is needed after the initial setup
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      honest question: How do you make money with this?

      I run an instance of for fun on one of my servers and it does mostly the same thing. It even has an endpoint to returns csv, which makes it easy to use from bash.

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        We’re fast and are in 10 datacenters globally, our latencies are very low. Keeping in mind that latency is I think the biggest reason developers hesitate to use third party APIs for geolocation. ~ 68ms

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      I’m working on getting an article I wrote published on Hackernoon or Startup Grind, it’s titled ‘How to build a SaaS for $0’. And another one on ‘How my SaaS served 25M API calls for ~$100’. The SaaS in question is

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        Maybe post it to, too. That’s a bootstrapping site that uses engine.

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          Interested to read it.

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            Hey ac! It’s finally up here

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              Thanks nick! Thanks, the tags there do seem more relevant. I’ve posted there too