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    Full disclosure, I wrote it.

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      here is what I learned: Just Build It Already™. But I am glad you’re blogging this. It helps to know what the stumbling blocks are now, and how things have (or haven’t) improved since I learned.

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        Interesting stuff. I’m new to Ruby and Rails and find videos helpful, so nice work.

        First, the full screen is a bit too much to take in visually. I would zoom in more, as this could help with video quality issues. Second, I don’t the unscripted nature is bad. Yes, you can tell when you see a more finished, polished move (cuts, transitions) as seen on Treehouse, but that doesn’t appear to be what you’re going for. I think the quick, natural nature of your videos work fine.

        One content suggestion, as noob I’m looking for content that’s one step above Rails 101. There are too many options when it comes to tutorials on building that first app with scaffold. I need the Rails 102 (or 201?) class. -How do I start with TDD and Test:Unit? -How do I build advanced associations/relationships between my models? -How do I create views that are not explicitly created by scaffold, but aren’t necessarily static?

        Good luck!

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          Thanks! OK, I’ll look into doing a part of my screen instead. If I can get my act together, I’m doing MiniTest (the Test:Unit replacement in rails 4) next episode.

          And I’ll be rebuilding this app, but using some more TDD focus. I didn’t even talk about tests in this episode.

          The focus on this is to eventually bring it to a full blown blogging platform using things like Omniauth, CanCan, paperclip for image uploads, etc. AKA, it will be something I’ll use to replace my octopress based blog, assuming I’m able to complete everything.

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          While I’ve done programming in the past, this is the first time I’ve gotten something deployed that someone else might use.

          Over time, blogs have become these large piles of ads, flashy-look-at-me images, etc. The focus on the written word has almost disappeared. Volla is a attempt to put the focus back on the words, where it belongs. (Written by @jrgifford and @imnotanerd for the 2012 rails rumble)

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            Marketing fuels the world. It is as American as apple pie and delivers relevant advertising to consumers about products they will be interested at a time they are interested. DNT should permit it as one of the most important values of civil society. Its byproduct also furthers democracy, free speech, and – most importantly in these times – JOBS.


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              Yeah, that’s kinda intense.

              It’s true that marketing is incredibly important to propping up late capitalism, but most people don’t talk about it this brazenly.

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                While that is true, it can be taken to an extreme at which point it no longer does anyone any good. And we are either nearing that point, or are there already.