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    I use 2011 ThinkPad T420s and sometimes ThinkPad X220 and I still remember how great the 2007 Dell D630 was with its extended battery sticking out from the front creating additional palm rest.

    Yes, I miss the 1080p that I had in the W520 and T520 but they are REALLY large and heavy. T420s and X220 are very light and compact and I also like very much the bottom slice X220 battery, laptop is still quite compact and small but little taller … and battery time is great then.

    Why I use them? Real 7-row ThinkPad keyboard is second to none if it comes to type anything on a computer.

    The only today 1080p alternative that I know is ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition as it also has real 7-row ThinkPad keyboard. It costs $1800 new and about $1000 used/refreshed/refurbished … and I will buy it sometime when the price will be round $500, probably after 1.5-2.0 years.

    From other options ThinkPad Carbon X1 5th and 6th generations get good review from the users - besides new ‘island’ keyboard downgrade.

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      X220 and T420s are also my current favourites – using an external monitor (UHD resolution) most of the time, though.

      Strangely, with the T420s the external monitor (Dell Ultrasharp) turns black from time to time. From my observations it seems the GPU (Intel HD Graphics 3000, same as in the X220) switches off the external port with higher CPU loads. Observed with multiple T420s/Dell-combinations.

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        X220 user here as well. It just works with FreeBSD [1], so I don’t feel compelled to spend money on anything new. USB 3.0 and nvme drive(s) might be nice, but mirrored SSDs (sata and msata) give descent i/o. Maybe I’m just ignorant to what I’m missing, but ignorance is bliss, right? I am certainly not loyal to Lenovo, but their ThinkPads just seem to work well for me and I have built up a lot of muscle memory for the pointing sticks, which are not common on other laptops.

        [1] wireless, suspend/resume, brightness, webcam, and sd card all work.

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          USB 3.0 and nvme drive(s) might be nice If you get ThinkPad X220 with i7 CPU then you will have one USB 3.0 port. For the record also T420s has one USB 3.0 port on the back.

          About performance difference between current laptops and 2011 ThinkPads T420s and X220 the Intel CPUs are faster by about 25-35% only. The power usage is a lot better as these older CPUs had 35 W TDP while current ones have about 15 W and they are even ‘configurable’ to have even less.

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          If you go back one generation further, the X201 has a nicer screen since it was from before they went to 16:9. A 10% increase in pixels is definitely worth the minor performance drop.