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    Curious what the performance of CIFS as root (build your kernel with CONFIG_CIFS_ROOT) would be in comparison to NFS.

    Not sure why you would use CIFS as a root file system though ;P

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      It does look a bit like the slim templating language: http://slim-lang.com/

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        Yes, Stump is similar to a Slim or HAML in that it is an indent-sensitive language that compiles to HTML.

        What makes it different is that it is based on Tree Notation, so Stump can benefit from the network effects that will come from that. If I improve the tooling for my Tree language targeted toward the RasberryPi, I’ll also be improving the tooling for Stump, without even trying to.

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          Certainly does! Started playing with relm (https://github.com/antoyo/relm) for small experiments, but this seems more suited to Processing like stuff while providing a nice structured UI API. Thanks for sharing!

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            Hey Jurriaan! Thanks for the link, I’ll certainly have a look at Relm.