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    If you have access to O’Reilly’s learn site they have a couple of AWS instructor led courses worth taking. They take you from creating a root account and securing it and some basics. Then you can dig in to specific services. I don’t work for them, just a customer.

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      The mentioned developer responds here and his reasoning and actions behind forking the library make sense to me.

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        Except he didn’t fork the project: he copied the code, removed attribution and removed the history. The history and attribution were added after he was outed on Twitter. If he had forked it all of the above would have been preserved.

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          FWIW, under most licences you don’t need to preserve history to fork. Most do require attribution though, it’s true.

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            Not the MIT license that has been used here, but some licenses require a note about changes made, to varying degrees of verbosity. While that can be managed differently, keeping version control history is the the easiest way these days to keep everything in compliance. GNU projects have ChangeLog files for that purpose but then, GNU predates most version control tooling by a few years or decades.

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              Interesting, thanks

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                Not the MIT license that has been used here

                Please see my other comment as to why yours is incorrect.

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                  My phrasing sucked, sorry (and now it’s too late to edit).

                  I was referring to “need to preserve history to fork” - MIT doesn’t require change notifications unlike GPL, EUPL and others, MIT “only” requires attribution. Seems simple enough but apparently still too hard for folks sigh

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                    Ah, gotcha. Now I understand what you were saying “no” to.

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              Oops, fixed. Thanks!

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              They explained things further in a Twitter thread, providing a timeline of sorts.

              In particular, the following tweet digs into the lineage of this particular library, suggesting that the author of the ‘original’ codebase had also copied liberally from another.

              Furthermore, it seems the accuser has resorted to DMCA takedowns in the past? I cannot verify this. Definitely would suggest some hypocrisy in the “spirit of open source” department.

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              Give core a try with C#. Good en framework, good ORM, good db support and all the goodies. Works well with VS code.

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                If you prefer FP, go with F# instead. You still get to reap the benefits of .NET ecosystem. For web apps, I recommend one of the following:

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                  doesn’t it require an ide? edit: i guess it doesn’t really matter if everything works in the end. excuse me for being negative.

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                      IDE is strictly not required but dotnet5.0 apps work great with VSCode on all three platforms.