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    As someone who’s working to launch my first “real” project, this was a really good read. I never thought to check if PH penalizes for external referrer’s (like HN). Although, I don’t have much of a twitter following, looks like I’ll have to change that soon :)

    Anyway this gives some good tips, thanks for sharing :)

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      Thank you for your feedback. What project are you going to launch? Let me know if I can help.

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        I’m working on a Co-Founder matching website. Similar to other cofounder dating sites, but more data-driven and the applicants will be screened more heavily (to filter for quality people). My goal is to connect all kinds of like-minded entrepreneurs together by project interest.

        My beta registration is here - falgo.io

        If you’d like to help, I could use some good feedback once I go live with the MVP :) Hope to have it up within the next few weeks.

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      I’m trying to launch a new Co-Founder matchup site (similar to cofounderslab, founderdating, etc..). I’ve had some pretty bad experiences and it seems most of the cofounder matching sites seem to be lacking in certain areas.

      I’m working on combining the good features of existing sites into 1 product.
      Beta sign-up list is here - falgo.io

      Hope to put an mvp product out within the next 3-4 weeks.

      Would love if some folks could signup for the beta and give some feedback when it launches. Can also email me direct if you have some suggestions - jxm262@gmail.com