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    Today: released a web shop I’ve been working on for quite some time as a side project (for a friend/client): www.tapetorama.se. (In Swedish only, for now.) It’s based on Solidus with a bunch of customizations. One thing I discovered along the way: it seems there are no great OSS e-commerce frameworks. Solidus is pretty good (Rails based) and very malleable if you know your way around Rails and various Ruby trickery. Saleor is interesting as well. There are several proprietary platforms that seem good (both the self-service variety and the ones that come bundled with consultants building your site) but given how important and lucrative this market is, I’m surprised there aren’t any more mature OSS projects. (Of course, there are a few popular ones, mostly in PHP land.)

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      I don’t know Solidus (yet :) ) but I have experience providing SaaS companions to ECommerce solutions paid & OSS alike.

      Magento is, honestly, decent if you require advanced, large scale, capabilities which basically leads to Magento Enterprise & having a couple team members certified. Many of my customers have been burnt by the breaking changes of Magento 2.X but things are getting easier with every iteration.

      However Magento now belongs to the same category as SAP Hybris, Intershop, Salesforce Commerce & al: big, costly solutions than handle complex workflows