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    Main stuff - working on my startup (in stealth mode) - learning some react, playing with firebase.

    Other than that, continuing to work on my side project : https://discoverdev.io : A daily curated list of engineering blog posts! This was simply to get myself acquainted with web dev - a purely static site hosted on netlify! (I use jinja2 and python to generate the website).

    Btw, my first post on lobste.rs! Hi everybody :)

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      working on my startup (in stealth mode)

      Usually, “stealth mode” is kinda a red flag outside of a few niches. You should talk about what you’re working on–least of all because you might find out somebody is already doing it.

      Don’t spam it here though–there is https://barnacl.es/ for good feedback. :)

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        Before going stealth mode, assess whether your startup is doing something patentable or that requires enormous labor/cost to build. These justify stealth mode. If not, then the advice of startup factories such as Y Combinator (eg Slack, Uber) is to be open and focus on execution.

        Openness gets more people exposed to your ideas which provides feedback you use to improve your offering with rapid iterations. You’ve gone so far so fast that, by the time they want to copy you, the competition will be way behind you in terms of features, market share, and branding. The result is called the First Mover Advantage. About every billion dollar firm I know of started by racing to be the First Mover grabbing all the marketshare.