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    • claws-mail at work, it’s small and fast but gives me readable HTML mails (most use outlook at work)
    • webmail (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail) for personal mail
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      I commit and push often even when not in a team, it’s great to have a history of what you did, branches are great nowadays with distributed vcs. That may help on metrics but that obviously is not necessary as amount of work, some commits are just fixing labels, code formatting.

      Now to the question: What was one thing that made you a faster/better developer?

      When I read my prior code and understood how bad it was, it did a click in my head. As an example, I had all the logic of a desktop program inside the click message handler. I was asked to add something to it, and I understood that I had to refactor it, I went ahead and did it, without feeling fear, I knew what it had to return. The result was a robust program, easier to extend and understand.

      I started doing all in all the projects, I’m often involved in several projects/technologies at the same time, the first thing I do is to do a fresh start, install deps, database, etc. Once I know it’s running, you just need to do what you need and get the result, it’ll probably break, just keep working on it until it works.

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        This is great news, I miss distributed VCS competition days (darcs, bazaar, monotone), all have their distinct use cases/features, I’ll definitely will move some projects and try it once implemented.

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          darcs! Those were the days.