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    Finally made an account to post this. I’ve certainly been on team linux moreso than windows since the late 90s but in the past month I’ve gotten a very nice, very modern setup on the latest insider builds of windows 10. All of the “crap” can be disabled, and didn’t take a very long time in the new builds. Turn off cortana and whatever else starts on bootup and Windows is just absolutely no longer annoying. Specifically the start menu improvements. Just install stuff with chocolatey.

    The microsoft terminal is exactly what you’d want it to be though and paired with WSL2 specifically I find it reasonably uncompromising and fast. I have docker working within it perfectly atop both Alpine and Ubuntu-18.04.

    The docs here and at the “command line” blog are basically all I followed. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/about https://www.windowscentral.com/how-join-windows-insider-program

    Protips: you can pipe between windows and linux applications back and forth and it “just works”. Visual Studio Code has interop w/ the WSL that also “just works”, as does the “localhost” development story for things that open ports on the thin wsl2 sidecar hyper-v thing that runs a full linux kernel. You can browse your linux filesystem with explorer.exe and it’s fast. There are a few X servers for windows, but the paid X410 is the one that works the best and makes it so i can’t tell the difference between which windows are linux and which are classic windows programs.

    In general I never thought I’d be on team Microsoft in this respect. I pretty much think with these strides it’s likely the death of Windows a second class citizen in many respects.

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      Thanks for the reference to X410. I’ve been dabbling more with WSL2 in an attempt to avoid macOS lock in, however VcXsrv was too quirky with Intellij for me.

      While I can still tell the difference between Intellij running natively on Windows compared to X410, particularly my intolerance for font rendering on Linux, it’s feeling acceptable enough to continue down the WSL2 path (still hoping for Intellij to support WSL2 directly ala VS Code Remote!).

      I’ll say that the new windows terminal app is promising too, but lacks a lot of the polish that I’ve grown accustomed to from iTerm2… primarily around searching output and generating clickable hyperlinks.