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    For some context, this is one of two talks from the first episode in a new series called “Zig SHOWTIME”, where people from the Zig community showcase (live) what they’ve been working on, or prepare an informative, educational talk about programming topics. Also memes.

    Details about the next showtime:

    The next episode is going to be on Sunday 7th of June at:

    8am PT / 11am ET / 17.00 CET / 8:30pm IST / 11pm SGT / 0:00 JST

    It will feature Michael Larouche who used Zig to build a videogame audio engine demo, and the http://github.com/zigtools team will talk about their Zig Language Server project.

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      I wasn’t able to watch showtime live, but I watched the archived video on twitch (before the youtube version was uploaded) and really enjoyed it!

      Great job hosting it @kristoff. That intro was fire. :)

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        Thanks! That’s how we roll in the Zig community. It’s also how we win, and how we rock, etc.

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      Not sure if it’s your blog. If so, 19 is XIX, not IXX.

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        That’s totally on me. Thank you for pointing that out!