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    I am currently using Void Linux. I hate systemd, it’s hassle to maintain. Void uses runit also it’s package manager is very good.

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      How would you compare package manager to PacMan

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        It is the same, except split in multiple binaries. Even the system upgrade process uses -Syu !

        However, the package building system is much more complex IMO (though really powerful !). Building a package from scratch will spin up a basic void chroot with your dependencies to make sure you didn’t forget anything, usually resulting in high quality packages. This raise the entry level though, and I say it as the maintainer of a lot of packages on crux (and arch, back in the days).

        I do have void installed on a notebook though, because it runs well without systemd, and just works. If I need a package from the repo, it is easy to install it. If it is not in the repos, I compile it manually and use my own package manager to install to /usr/local or $HOME/.local.

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          The UI is mildly superior, at least once you install xtools, the functionality is basically identical at least from an end user perspective. The lack of an AUR equivalent means installing things from other peoples forks is slightly more painful, but it’s not hard to build packages from source.