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    Well, one of my pet hates about phones these days is the sheer size of them – they’re basically a tablet in your pocket. I want a phone.

    And I thought I was the only one on the planet going nuts about this. I also bought an iPhone SE 2 years ago for exactly the same reason. I don’t get what the fascination with large sized screens is. You can’t even operate the phone with one hand.

    Anyway, I switched to iOS for similar reasons. Personally for me, the final straw was the Android permission system. Once an app has all the permissions, it has them all the time. Not sure if things have changed in the meanwhile, but I’m super happy that I switched.

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      Once an app has all the permissions, it has them all the time. Not sure if things have changed in the meanwhile, but I’m super happy that I switched.

      It has

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        The size of phones is just killing me, and they seem to be getting bigger. Hopefully the fashion will change soon.

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          Yeah, I cannot understand why smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. It’s like sane phone sizes ended with end of 2014-2015, especially if you want some good specs.

          In 2014 you could buy Z1 Compact (dimensions: 127 x 64.9 x 9.5 mm (5.0 x 2.56 x 0.37 in); screen: 4.3 inches, 51.0 cm2 (~61.8% screen-to-body ratio)), now it’s practically impossible to buy similarly sized high-end smartphone.

          ~4.5” screen seems to be what is the limit of being able to somewhat comfortably operate smartphone in one hand using your thumb (unless you have some big hands, of course, but I don’t). With Redmi 2 (dimensions: 134 x 67 x 9 mm (5.28 x 2.64 x 0.35 in); screen: 4.7 inches, 60.9 cm2 (~67.8% screen-to-body ratio)) I’m actually already unable to reach top of the screen and 3 buttons below the screen with my thumb without slightly readjusting hand position.

          BTW It’s equally ridiculous for me to put 3K screens in such a small size factor like smartphones (well, they’re reaching 6” screens already, but even including that). Going over FullHD seems quite wasteful and brings only more battery drain. I doubt there are people using their phones with magnifying glass…

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            My guess: more and more people are using phones as their only computer, so sizes will continue to increase in order to accommodate them.

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              Exactly this – me and my partner are basically polar opposites on this front. When I need to do anything beyond simple, brief content generation (text messages, and only short ones) – I reach for my laptop. The time to take it out of my bag, tether it to my phone, get online and do the work then put everything away is less than my slow speed on a phone.
              Work wise – the phone is an accessory to my computer(s)… and mostly I use it as a well, phone, click, alarm and message receiving device.

              My partner legitimately runs two businesses from their phone. The phone is the primary content generation device, email, texts, taking photos, editing images, scheduling, planning, online resources, looking at sales data, ordering new products for the workplace, etc, etc – everything is done on the phone first, and begrudgingly done on a laptop if a product just won’t work from their phone. That product is likely to have a short shelf life because having a great phone experience is probably the most important feature to them.

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                And I know people who use 17” laptops for impromptu presentations. Harder to find those these days.

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                  For small table presentations (impromptu or otherwise), I love mirror mode to a 15.6” USB powered monitor, so I can sit behind my computer when presenting. Specifically great for like live coding / pair coding.

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                    Do any of those monitors have Linux support?

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                      Yep. I think almost all of them use the generic DisplayLink USB 3 stuff – which works (might need to install a Displaylink generic driver).

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                        The DisplayLink story wasn’t so good as of 4.1, have you noticed it getting better?

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                          I am not sure if I got lucky or what, but I haven’t had a major issue with it and been using them for a few years now on Ubuntu 16.04 and now 18.04 (various spins of it). I don’t use too many of the DisplayLink features (rotation, sound support, etc – so maybe that is where stuff gets hung up?).

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              ~4.5” screen seems to be what is the limit of being able to somewhat comfortably operate smartphone in one hand using your thumb (unless you have some big hands, of course, but I don’t).

              I agree. I switched from an iPhone SE to an iPhone 6s with its 4.7” screen, which is just a bit too large. Luckily, iOS has this handy feature where if you double tab (not press) the home button, it will move the image 50% down, making it easier to reach top buttons. I’d still love a 4.3 or 4.5” iPhone though. But it’s not where things are moving, so unlikely to ever happen (they even abandoned 4.7” on new models, yes I know, newer models have smaller bezels).

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              Americans like phones they way they like their cars – the bigger the better.

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                Funny enough the giant phone trend is being driven by Asians, specifically Chinese and Korean customers. They all want massive screens for some reason. Americans don’t really help the trend much but for once were not actually driving the bus.

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              That part was music to my ears as well :-) https://mastodon.social/@isagalaev/100981223084458245

              We should start a consumer group or something (oh well, who am I kidding?)

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              Id love to know the back story to this

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                Myself I am trying to get some documentation done for some of the table plugins for OpenSMTPD and some Exchange Web Services stuff down.

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                  I am going to spend this week trying to figure out how to get myself one of those fancy hats that have been implemented on lobste.rs!

                  Also getting married! \o/

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                    Congrats. Getting married was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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                      Congrats! That’s huge news. :)

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                        Thanks :D - excited!

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                        Congratulations! Unfortunately “husband” would probably not make a good hat, though.

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                          Fair enough, maybe I can get one for being abieber@? :D

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                            Congrats, I hope you get a fiesta party hat or something like that…

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                            http://blog.corrupted.io. you can use HTTPS if you dont mind a cert error since it is a GH pages backed blog. its mostly about email systems like Exchange and OpenSMTPD.

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                              once they get it going correctly I challenge them to remove their dumb paywall.

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                                I love the bullshit rhetoric from these ad execs:

                                “This is damaging to consumer interest and will undermine the Internet.”

                                “If Mozilla follows through on its plan … the disruption will disenfranchise every single Internet user,”

                                “All of us will lose the freedom to choose our own online experiences; we will lose the opportunity to monitor and protect our privacy”

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                                  I think they suffer from faulty metrics. I prefer targeted advertising to the broad ads that made me mute the TV for 18 minutes out of every hour in ancient times. Who wouldn’t? I’m sure that polls well in focus groups. But the cost is too high with the methods they use, and I would be surprised if people still wanted it after knowing the invasiveness of current methods.

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                                    I wish they would just say the truth instead of having to make me infer it, all the IAB has pretty much said is “WHA WAH WAH We wont be able to profit off violating firefox users privacy by default, we will have to convince firefox users to let us violate their privacy and work for our money.”

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                                    Ouch theo hit them where it hurts why dont you!

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                                      A tiny bit more nuanced here: http://marc.info/?l=openbsd-misc&m=133858003425034&w=2 (and rest of the thread seems relevant too).