I use pandoc as well (https://learnbyexample.github.io/customizing-pandoc/).

    I didn’t know LaTeX or css, it was difficult to set it up and I was trying to fiddle with settings for quite a while. I’ve avoided tinkering for past few months though, writing the book is painful enough. I’ve even stopped updating pandoc - one of the releases introduced some bugs, so I rolled back to a working version. My biggest todo item is custom theme for syntax highlighting, existing ones are so buggy for command line snippets and REPL snippets (highlighting needs to work only for the command prompt line, not the output).

    I don’t know make, so unlike OP’s set up, I do use bash scripts.

    I put up my ebooks online as well, for which https://github.com/rust-lang/mdBook works nicely. I needed to write a script - single file to multiple chapters and then change internal links because of the split, using <code> tag instead of backticks whenever I need | as part of a table entry, etc.

    1. 11

      You’ve pretty much described my process, too. The only other thing I sometimes do is look at the “Awesome” lists, like this one for React or this one for Typescript. I literally just search for “awesome [technology]”. The lists are a mixed bag, sometimes they’re carefully curated, othertimes they seem to just list every project under the sun that’s vaguely related. But even in the latter case they’re frequently a good pointer to what I should be searching for.

      1. 2

        I prefer to “have them all” and filter myself, instead of “not getting it in my results”. Most of the time, using Google and Duckduckgo, I just “don’t see it”. That’s the sad part…

        But you’re right, Awesome lists are also a good medium.

        1. 1

          There’s a handy search option for such lists here: https://awesomelists.top/

          1. 1

            I think a lot of these lists are starred as “read it later”. But I feel like people don’t. If you want to get a star, make it so long that people think it’s useful.

            I used to have a script that would scrape a list of libraries but also detect the star. Then I’d make a markdown table out of it. I was trying to use stars as “in use” even though this isn’t a great metric. The awesome style lists aren’t curated enough (I know this is non-trivial). It’d be cool to have an algorithm and stuff around libraries. Youtube does it for video and they can’t read the “source”.

          1. 6

            Excited about starting an internship this week.

            I am trying to do less computer-related things in the names of moderation and diversity. I hope to read through the Powder Mage trilogy.

            But if I relapse, I’ll probably read Java Concurrency in Practice. I had a lot of trouble reasoning about the correctness of some multithreaded objects last week!

            1. 4

              Powder Mage is awesome, fast paced and action filled. Enjoy and good luck for the internship.

              1. 2

                I have enjoyed The Kingkiller Chronicle a lot. The Powder Mage trilogy sounds interesting. Thanks!

              1. 2
                • Taking a break from book writing to revise an article after receiving feedback (I knew editors did great work, this is my first personal experience of seeing the wonders they can do)
                • Reading DFZ series, started a re-read of the first book today in preparation for the sequels
                1. 12

                  No detailed info, and still vapour, you can’t buy it :(

                  1. 5

                    You can certainly put in an order and pay your money now (and I have), for delivery in March or April if you got in early with a promocode given to a number of news sites (for 10 each), or otherwise demonstrate to them that it’s to their advantage to get you one of the first ones.

                    SeeedStudio is not in the habit of advertising vapour. They’ve got a long track record of delivering the products and I’ve been buying Arduino clones and the like from them for a decade.

                    1. 2

                      HN discussion has more details like price, GPU, etc

                      1. 2

                        Also, made in China…

                        1. 13

                          What’s your point? Lots of things are made in China, and not all of them are terrible. The company behind this has made some decent products in the past…

                          (I agree with others though that this post doesn’t belong here on lobste.rs…)

                      1. 7

                        Please let’s not clutter up the front page with product advertising and marketing pages.

                        1. 9

                          RISC-V has the potential to break the stranglehold of a proprietary ISA on hobbyist-class SBCs. This is a development that’s of great interest to me, especially as I was thinking of buying a brace of Pis to rackmount in a home server.

                          My $0.02: as with things like Pine64 announcements, I’m personally very happy that this was posted. The announcement of a new RISC-V SBC is far more personally interesting and relevant to me than, say, an article about the Javascript testing framework du jour.

                          1. 2

                            I’m glad you were happy!

                            Please consider all of the things that lobsters might find neat to buy. Now, consider all of the people who get paid large sums of money to advertise to those lobsters. Now, consider how slowly the front page moves, and how one might exploit this community to market things. Now, consider how tiresome and messy that would get. It’s happened before.

                            Advertising is the mindkiller, and projects rattling cups (especially when other sites like the orange site are more than happy to let them ply their wares) without giving back here are malicious actors.

                          2. 4

                            Didn’t realize this would be off-topic/spam. But topics such as https://lobste.rs/s/p8e4wd/raspberry_pi_400_70_desktop_pc has been discussed here before, so I’m confused.

                            1. 1

                              I had that one flagged as off-topic, and four merges suggests something off with it.

                            2. 3

                              I personally found this very interesting. RISC-V board I could potentially get my hands on is a big deal that feels very on topic.

                              1. 2

                                Virtual CES seems heavier that way than in-person CES was. Maybe that is pure recency bias on my part.

                              1. 1

                                Reading Queens of the Wyrd which is inspired heavily from Kings of the Wyld. QotW is self-published, very much liked it so far, plus it is well written.

                                Not sure if I’ll do the weekend ~hour long walk this time, bit of sprain lingering from the last weekend.

                                1. 1

                                  I prefer cli one-liners where possible. These can get complex, so I save them in all-purpose notes file relevant to the projects I’m working on. If it is general purpose and not restricted to a project, I’ll see if I can get away with alias/functions. Otherwise, see if I can manage a bash script.

                                  If the above is not suitable, only then I use Python/Ruby. For such cases, I try to avoid shell commands and use built-in features as much as possible.

                                  1. 7

                                    list of unread books is getting thinner

                                    Ever since I came to know about https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/ sub, my TBR has exponentially increased (it’s in thousands now). My average working hours per week is about 30 and reading is my favorite hobby. I’ve averaged 80+ books for past 5 years. Loads of self-published books are to my liking, so getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription has been wonderful.

                                    My favorite books from last year were:

                                    • Wintersteel, The Lost City of Ithos, Diamantine, The Torch that Ignites the Stars, Super Powereds
                                      • these come under progression fantasy sub-genre, my current favorite (think anime like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, etc but without fillers, fan-service, etc for these books… and these are all originally written in English, so no translation issues)
                                    • Age of Empyre - last in 6 book classical fantasy series, well written characters, I teared up a few times
                                    • Sourdough - well written slice-of-life, contemporary sci-fi setting with a dash of magical realism
                                    • Dawnshard and Rhythm of War - part of epic Stormlight Archive series, one of my all time favorites, but becoming difficult to enjoy given all the mental scars suffered by the characters (which is one of the biggest selling points, and it helped me as well, but too much of anything isn’t good)
                                    • Catching Cinders - a nice Cindrella retelling

                                    I wrote a blog post (https://learnbyexample.github.io/2020-favorite-fiction/) for above books. See also: https://www.reddit.com/r/suggestmeabook/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/booksuggestions/

                                    This year, new books/series I’m looking forward to read are Street Cultivation, Piranesi and The House in the Cerulean Sea, The Shadows of Dust, To sleep in a sea of stars, The Tea Master and the Detective (and many others from never ending TBR list)

                                    1. 2

                                      Just finished my vacation and The Cradles series - https://www.goodreads.com/series/192821-cradle (first heard about it on lobters🙃).

                                      1. 1

                                        If you’re on reddit, come join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/Iteration110Cradle/ and see https://www.reddit.com/r/ProgressionFantasy/ if you are interested in similar books

                                      1. 3

                                        Continue working on Python intro book. Going slower than expected, so revised timeline is end of this month instead of mid-Jan.

                                        Half-way through Zeroth Law book by Guerric Haché. Decent so far, second half will determine if I’ll continue with the series or not. Recently started watching “Gravity falls” series - okayish so far, but heard it gets better.

                                        Did a 100 minute walk (about 8km) yesterday, with a 5 min break in the middle. Had planned for 10+ km, but was starting to feel tired at midway point. Still, happy to have made 40+ minute walks as a habit recently (had to miss a couple in between, hoping to do it once every weekend).

                                        1. 4

                                          Ah that explains why I was logged out. If you ever decide you’re accepting donations I’d be happy to give some. Out of curiosity, did anything bad happen between alynpost and or was this a planned action?

                                          1. 4

                                            It’s mentioned in the post details, emphasis mine:

                                            resigning as moderator and sysadmin to focus on other projects

                                          1. 1

                                            I have a bunch of text files in a folder (some are links from elsewhere). I open the folder in vim using an alias and then work on whichever notes I need. It is good enough for smaller notes, but a mess whenever it goes 100+ lines. Too lazy to bother with searching and learning a better way to organize. And I sometimes dread opening one of the todo list that keeps growing exponentially, too many ideas and too little time/motivation.

                                            1. 2

                                              Planning to do a 10+ km hike through village roads.

                                              1. 3

                                                Working on a Python introduction book for those already familiar with programming basics. The working title is “100 Page Python Intro”. I’m updating the content weekly here: https://learnbyexample.github.io/100_page_python_intro/

                                                Thinking of creating a blog post with my favorite fiction reads this year.

                                                1. 1

                                                  Am I the only one who thinks its a bit disingenuous to benchmark against 2.0 instead of 2.7 when claiming a 3x speed up?

                                                  Otherwise, this is great news for the ruby community.

                                                  1. 4

                                                    The “3x speedup for ruby 3” goal was announced quite some time ago; presumably they are comparing it to the ruby that was around at the time the goal was announced.

                                                    1. 1

                                                      Yeah, see https://blog.heroku.com/ruby-3-by-3 (2016) for example

                                                  1. 2

                                                    I suggested updating title and tags to refer to cryptocurrencies, and not crypto.

                                                    1. 2

                                                      Thanks, I’ve updated it as per your suggestions.

                                                    1. 7

                                                      Working on a Python intro guide for those already familiar with programming basics. I’m reworking materials that I’ve used in the past for 2-day workshops. Plan is to keep it short, about 100 pages. I had started a project focused book (https://learnbyexample.github.io/practice_python_projects/) but that’ll take a long long time to finish. So, planning to finish the intro guide first, hopefully within a month.

                                                      Re-reading Arcane Ascension books in preparation for the recently released 3rd book in the series. Progression fantasy has been my favorite sub-genre for the past 2 years and this series is one of the good ones. Plus, these are all mostly available on Kindle Unlimited.

                                                      1. 3

                                                        I admire your enthusiasm and dedication on making new content available regularly. Looking forward to this intro guide and book availability. Let me know if there is any way I can keep tap on the updates. Thank you!

                                                        1. 2

                                                          I admire your enthusiasm and dedication on making new content available regularly.


                                                          Let me know if there is any way I can keep tap on the updates

                                                          I’ll put up the markdown source of the book and other related files on GitHub and announce it on twitter and other social media.

                                                      1. 2

                                                        Just completed first chapter of new book. Been a difficult start compared to my previous books, so it feels great to have taken the first step.

                                                        Going to spend rest of the weekend reading second book in “Gods of Blood and Powder” series by Brian McClellan. The first book was a solid entry, but wasn’t as good as the Powder Mage series.

                                                        1. 4

                                                          Work: Hope to complete at least one chapter of new book. This one is different in content/structure from my earlier works and I’m finding it quite difficult to get started over the past week.

                                                          Reading: Started Gods of Blood and Powder series by Brian McClellan today. Fast paced and easy to read so far, just like the prequel Powder Mage series.

                                                          Also, after long long time, I went for an hour long walk. I knew about about a village road running just half a kilometer from my place, but only yesterday I mustered the effort to explore. Was a pleasing experience. Hope to do it at least twice a month, slowly increasing the distance walked.