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    Hugely surprised to see this is built in New Zealand, I wasn’t aware of any real Clojure presence here.

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      There are a couple of companies using it here, but not many. But Cursive is built in NZ just because I happen to live here.

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        Good to hear. I couldn’t find any signs of a local Clojure/Functional Programming/Lisp community here in Christchurch when I was trying to learn Clojure last year (I thought I could convince the powers that be at work to allow me to use it, but that turned out not to be the case so I ended up dropping it). Is there much happening in that sphere in your neck of the woods?

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          Well, I live in Nelson, so there isn’t much of anything happening from a tech perspective :)

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        Last time I tried Cursive I think it was a one-person show. Not sure if that’s still true. For all I know that person is the sum of the Clojure presence in NZ :)

        Edit: Looks like from @lemming’s reply that I was wrong about the size of the Clojure community