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    Looks like I will be migrating off from Github onto something self hosted, for peace of mind.

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      Yea, looks like I need to do that too.

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        Until now I treated self-hosting with “well I know it’s best to control my own files and code, but I can probably vaguely trust BigCompanies.”

        Thanks to the acquisition I finally got off my ass and got a DO droplet to use as my source of truth (didn’t take long to set up at all).

        Gitlab is my primary mirror. I will keep GitHub as a source of truth for a handful of projects - namely the ones with contributions from other developers.

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          Even though MIcrosoft hasn’t done anything egregious to irk me in about 8 years, I will also be doing that.

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          I can’t up vote this based on the color scheme alone.

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            It’s already more readable than majority of the websites I see these days:

            • Good contrast
            • Readable font, not thin and not too small
            • Reasonable line-height (not crammed vertically)
            • Reasonable line width
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              I was skeptical of your comment, until I clicked the link.

              And the color settings are marked !important so you can’t even override them very easily. Just why?

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                Just because…

                main { background-color: #fff !important; opacity: 1; padding: 2rem; box-sizing: border-box; }

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                I actually started using the same workflow ever since I installed i3. Don’t bother with a bar anymore on linux, I always can remember which programs are where. I do have a little notification xkeybind for finding out what the date+time is.

                Also, Windows and macOS both have a ‘multiple desktop’ feature with touchpad gestures, I really enjoy the one screen workflow after learning how to do all of the weird gestures. Doesn’t slow me down at all.

                All of my dev work is now done from a Surface 4, which means I can carry my work around in a small bag and I don’t even bother plugging into extra screens anymore. This is coming from someone who uses 3 monitors on their home desktop :-)

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                  I have been asked to do a >3 hour test before, and I agreed to it out of curiosity.

                  Had no idea what language or problem I would be solving, so as to not allow me to cheat. The company uses multiple languages and frameworks (they are an agency)

                  Enter a small room with a Mac Mini and a set of instructions, could have been a challenge for The Crystal Maze, honestly. No ethernet and disabled wifi to stop me from cheating (?), VS Code and a PDF with some kind of ECMAScript 5 documentation as a reference.

                  The challenge consisted of writing a small app to convert ‘english string of a single number’ to an integer.

                  I spent the entire 3 hours scoping out the problems, and the structure of what would be my classes and methods. I was pretty annoyed when they barged in and told me to stop. I spent some time after the interview writing up the solution in my own way just as the problem was lingering in my head and I needed to get rid of it.

                  By the way, I was also supposed to package up the app in their bespoke framework, write a frontend and make it work on their iPhone.

                  • Who would be able to write a working solution, something they are happy within this amount of time?

                  • Why don’t these people let you use the Internet? Why not just make logs and review them with a grain of salt?

                  • Are grads studying for this exact kind of test nowadays? I feel like I am missing something

                  Anyway, I didn’t get the job and I am pretty relieved.

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                    I used this for a while but ended up reverting back to i3/x11, as rofi (and many more apps) do not work as I would like. If I could get rofi working in a nice way I would be all up for trying again :-)

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                      Seems like it will be useful for logo stuff - I assume you can create a ‘colour font’ with only the few characters that you need to use in your logo, then it won’t be much of a hit. Bloggy sites might use it to make their dropped caps a bit friendlier (some still use images/svg which does not play nice with the indexers).

                      I can see people using this specifically for the SEO benefits, Google can now read your fancy logo type.

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                        Most of these strike me as being personal preference, well, to my eyes. I’m sure it depends on the size of the team, and the project being worked on, but I have never been in a situation where putting all of the (button styles) together would seem like a good idea.

                        I also want to add my own ‘css smell’ that I have come across a bunch of times: Is that data you are adding? Go ahead and add an inline style!

                        I’d much prefer to see an inline styled background-image for something specific. This also goes for things like pseudo elements. Use an element attribute and reference it!