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    This site’s performance is horrendous… a loading bar for a static page, really?

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      It’s not written in React ;)

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      I’m curious if there are any other projects like this that use Rust rather than C?

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        I often follow tutorials in other languages with my favorite (F#). If you did that and shared your results with the author perhaps they might be interested in collaborating. After all the c in cstack stands for connor and not C.

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        For over 10 years I’ve been a very ardent (some would say zealous) supporter of (n(eo))vim, carefully tweaking and updating my configuration to be as barebones or as feature-full as I needed and desired, and spreading the gospel of Vim to all those that would listen.

        About 6 months ago I tried out the vimagit plugin, which I found immediately useful. I then realized that this plugin was based off of the emacs magit package, which intrigued me further, and that sent me down a rabbit hole of trying out emacs with evil-mode (gasp! horror!).

        I’ve been a (spac)emacs+evil user since that day. It combines all of the muscle memory that I know and love (complex word motions, edit sequences, etc.) from vim, and gives me a TUI-based editor that has all all of the project/IDE based functionality that I had always spent far too much time configuring and fighting against in vim. I just don’t have the energy for that anymore.

        If you’re like me and love vim, and are looking to “revamp” your setup like the post describes, give Spacemacs a try. There are others, too (e.g. doom-emacs), and there are of course the DIY build-it-yourself setups that you can tinker with endlessly, but I was completely astounded by how intuitive and how short of a learning curve spacemacs with evil mode was.

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          Yes, I saw magit from my colleague and that’s how I discovered vimagit. I’ve heard good things about evil mode but I’m not ready to try yet, though you’re sound convincing.

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            The emacs magit package was the primary reason I tried the switch. After watching a few instructional videos & reading some documentation, I had to try it out. It’s every bit as good as I had hoped for.

            Using emacs+evil with some project-level plugins like helm for autocompletion and projectile for navigation has been fantastic. It took me a few days to get used to some of the different key combinations to navigate around, but that was quite minimal in the grand scheme of things.

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            One of these days I’m gonna bite the bullet and try out emacs. I have so much invested into my vim environment that it scares me to leave….

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            vim-sensible provides sensible defaults like enabling filetype, autoread, statusline. But most important for me was this line

            set formatoptions+=j

            FYI, 99% of the settings from vim-sensible are already the defaults in Neovim.

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              Shhh, don’t tell Tim Pope…

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                Someone SHOULD tell Tim Pope (much respect for all his good work) given some of his Tweets around neovim’s relevance :\