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    Working on my ‘Generative Art’ presentation using Haskell in the browser. Using the Reflex FRP package, amongst others, to make SVG, HTML5 Canvas, and WebGL dance at my bidding.

    Won’t have time to wire in the audio inputs before the talk though, which is a bit disappointing.

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      That genuinely sounds interesting. The only experience I have with Generative Art is using p5.js after binge watching days worth of Dan Shiffmans coding train.

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        I’ll post a link to the talk and code when it’s up. Otherwise I’m certainly happy to natter about it and related topics. I’m usually lurking in freenode in #qfpl, #reflex-frp, or #haskell-au :)

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      • Keep adding documentation and examples to my Reflex SVG library
      • Finish off and release our newly designed website.


      • I’ve just started learning Q, so keep at it..
      • Unpack and start coding for my LeapMotion.
      • Decide if I want to declare text editor bankruptcy and start again with a new one. :<