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    Mastodon / the fediverse seem very interesting. Does anyone here have any recommendations as far was what instance to use?

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      I enjoy https://tiny.tilde.website, an instance loosely associated with https://tilde.town.

      You can use Mastoview to preview any Mastodon instance: http://www.unmung.com/mastoview?url=tiny.tilde.website&view=local

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        This is awesome an ssh based social community? I’m there! :) Thanks for the pointer.

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          Also thanks for this. IMO everyone should poke around at the various instances an see which one fits them best. I ended up at mastodon.codingfield.com - but I probably should have picked i.write.codethat.sucks

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          I’m on https://icosahedron.website/ which leans slightly towards math nerdiness.

          I’d recommend against joining the flagship instance because it’s just so crowded. Not that being busy leads to a bad user experience, but just that piling everyone on the same instance defeats the purpose of federation. https://instances.social has a list which shows you if an instance has a particular topic or purpose.

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            The standard one is mastodon.social, I keep my main account on it. But there are a bunch of topical instances too, you can search for instances by interest.

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              Just avoid mastodon.social, it’s one of the worst instances.

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                  As there is no central registry of users, discovery usually happens by:

                  1. Looking through the local timeline to find new users (that’s why it’s good to be on a themed instance)
                  2. Looking through the federated timeline to find people others users on your server are following (which works best if those other users have similar interests)

                  Because of this, smaller, themed instance are usually the best too start. They usually form a server culture where people know each other, have people welcoming you, helping you, etc.

                  Mastodon.social is both MUCH too big and also completely unthemed. Both public and federated TL are a near useless mix of different languages and topics that’s going by to fast. With every new article, hundreds of new users come to mastosoc, post introduction posts, leave after a day and the cycle repeats.

                  They also block or silence (default-block unless followed) a lot of the more active older servers, so you are cut off from large parts of the fediverse.