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    I really like this, especially seeing as I’m still painfully slow at tuning anything with more than four strings :’)

    One tiny nitpick: the constant note while you’re using the electric tuner is a bit annoying and maybe counter-productive..? I was under the impression that it’s best to let the note ring out as you tune rather than to keep playing it.

    Oh, and if you fancy making a similar post for drums, that’d be very cool.

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      Thanks! I agree some of the interactions still aren’t perfect, I’m still getting used to the web audio API.

      I like the drums idea a lot, but don’t play myself. Any ideas for what would make good starter material?

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        Well, the snare drum is probably the hardest to tune so I’d probably do that. Synthesising the sounds of an unturned drum would be difficult though, I’ve got no idea where you’d start

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      I’m a Ph.D. student at the university of washington and I lead a software project called Idyll that tries to make it easier to write interactive posts like this for the web.

      If you like this one, check out other examples that have been made with the tool here: https://idyll-lang.org/gallery

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        I’m working on a way for people that use gihub pages to no longer need to update that branch of their repo by hand, but have the full workflow automated.

        It’s presenting itself in a library called autopages and is coming along quite nicely.