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    Binge watching movies/tv shows waiting to start a new job Monday hopefully. I would like to read more of Learning SQL (published by O’riley) as well.

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      I’m going to be going for a walk with a friend somewhere and working on a interview take home project.

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        Working on finishing a PowerPoint slide and get on other work.

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          I went to Community College for Computer Science remotely and planed to transfer to a prestigious college, but I dropped out because of financial reasons/academic difficulty. I felt that my CC courses were about on par difficulty wise as the other college I was going to (often referred to has the Harvard of x state), but at least it was cheaper and teachers at CC always responded to my questions unlike to the other college I was attending. Plus the CC used canvas to submit student assignments (same as the other college did etc.).

          I’m currently working full-time at tech company, so I withdrew from CC, but I plan to start again part-time to earn a degree someday. I’ve been rejected a lot due to not having earned a Bachelor’s though afaiu, so I’d like to fix that someday. Dr. Frey [1] studied at a CC and he went on to work at RenTech/teach at uchicago etc. WGU, UoPeople etc. exist, but I’d prefer to go to CC than earn a degree from one of those universities candidly. WGU, and UoPeople seem sketchy to me even though lots of people on HN vouch for them and WGU has the same accreditation as uchicago (so does uophoneix).

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            First of all, candidates don’t like these - since they may take a long time to finish,

            My experience has been the opposite and the people I’ve talked to prefer them.

            It’s more convenient than asking a candidate to take PTO to do an entire day’s (5+ hours) of interviews, or spend days preparing on LeetCode. Being quick on your feet is also a skill, so it also evens the playing field because a lot of people just don’t interview well. It also gives you the opportunity to have you current programmers take the test to see what sort of solutions to expect, and learn the sort of things they might want to ask in the interview.

            Candidates can work on their own time and at their own leisure, with whatever suite of tools are most comfortable to them. If someone doesn’t have a portfolio to show it provides you the opportunity to see what type of code they write.

            “Hi, here’s a prompt of a little project to do, should take at most a couple of hours, you have a week to work on it at your leisure, send it back when your done and let us know if you have any questions.”

            Second, these assignments are a burden on the hiring team as well, since they take a long time to prepare and evaluate.

            the plight of SWEs who have to spend lots of time on interviews

            these assignments are very vulnerable to cheating

            Our coding test takes maybe 2 hours, and I take a half an hour to maybe an hour to go through it. I’d rather spend that time on my own going through someone’s code than asking someone on-the-spot questions. It also gives me the basis of questions to ask the interviewee (why’d you do it this way? What tradeoff did you make here? Why didn’t you use this language feature here, etc.), which I give to them a few days before the interview so they can do their own research, like you would normally on a project. Since they have time to prepare, you don’t need to shy from asking detailed questions.

            You copy the returned projects into a folder for analysis against other solutions for plagiarism. When I start asking detailed questions from the code review, it becomes apparent who knows what they’re talking about, since especially when given the questions beforehand, people can see opportunities to delve deep and show off what they know.

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              It’s more convenient than asking a candidate to take PTO to do an entire day’s (5+ hours) of interviews

              I definitely agree with this. Having to take a PTO to do a virtual on-site interview is exhausting and the preparation is (LeetCode etc.) takes a lot of time after work and on the weekends to do.

              You copy the returned projects into a folder for analysis against other solutions for plagiarism.

              There has been cases of false positives with automated code plagiarism services [1], but asking them questions about their code should out the ones who cheated and like you said shows if they know what they’re talking about.

              My current employer required an actual work sample take home test and I really enjoyed it instead of the typical LeetCode style questions.There was a few solutions on Google, but it seemed they randomized some things to catch cheating and I still had to do an interview with the hiring manager. MIT[2], Caltech[3], and Stanford[4] had mini courses for preparation for these type of interviews.

              Red Balloon Security (RBS) had an interesting interview process. They first had a screening challenge which answers could be found via a Google Search, but the second one required extracting a secret Bitcoin wallet private key from a hard drive with a rootkit installed. The time limit for the hard drive challenge was a week, but the Bitcoin wallet had $3k worth of Bitcoin at the time. An additional interview was required before an offer I think and a few people on glassdoor complained about being ghosted after completing it, but it seemed like an interesting interview challenge and offered an incentive to complete it.

              these assignments are a burden on the hiring team as well

              I suppose that’s an issue, but for the RBS one it was more of a CTF challenge instead of writing up a detailed report etc. So it seemed as long as you found the flag you would move on the next round (I didn’t complete the hard drive challenge for RBS). For my current employer I had to write a detailed write up, but was told to only spend an hour max. I imagine that it took someone maybe 15-20 minutes to review my 5 page write up PDF, but I could be wrong.