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    I’d like to add adjust your power into this!! There is no need to be that rude neighbor who cranks their APs power to the absolute max. This can lead to weird problems not just in your network, but in others as well.

    Also if you’re running something like Meraki, the “rogue AP” feature is a problem. Leave those settings on the default, getting block happy leads to problems with everyone.

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      I once did a really dumb thing overprovisioning…three sonicwall wireless APs within 80 yards or so of each other as the crow flew. Turning down the power significantly was the only way to resolve some of the chaos that resulted.

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        I have one AP per 8 users in our office, this leads to a huge number of APs. I’m in a very crowded office building with a bazillion APs though so this really took a lot of fine tuning, but it’s what has worked absolutely the best thus far.

        3 APs within 80 yards is totally reasonable if you have hundreds of competing APs in a single office building. :)

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      When will people realize that imposing CoC tramples on peoples feelings of moral autonomy?

      I want to know, what do CoC proponents think whats causing the backlash?

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        The backlash is caused by some folks wanting to be assholes. A piece of documentation saying ‘respect others’ should not be threatening to anyone.

        How can anyone defend the attacks on Linus right now? Him and his family are having threats on their lives over a document asking others to be respectful.

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          So the best argument you could come up against people disagreeing with you is basically the equivalent of “have you stopped beating your spouse yet”?

          I think it’s largely a matter of people from the US trying to force their cultural norms onto the rest of the world, and frankly I’m not willing to lower civilizatory standards to accommodate largely US-specific social issues.

          There are certainly issues to be solved, but adopting US-style problem-solving approach of “war on bad behavior” will be similarly effective as their “war on drugs” or “war on terrorism”. Thanks, but no thanks, I want to improve things, not make them worse.

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            I want to be right or at least to say things I believe are correct even if they make me an asshole.

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              If you think human conflict is solved the “show the asshole the boot” way, then you probably lack experience, because your opponent will claim that you are the asshole.

              Also, take a step back. Where did i approve of harassing other people? That i approve a thought does not mean that i approve all methods of enforcing or implementing it. That i think stealing is illegal does not mean that i approve of going around and lynching burglars.

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                If you think human conflict is solved the “show the asshole the boot” way, then you probably lack experience

                The counter-argument to this is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance

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                  If you think human conflict is solved the “show the asshole the boot” way, then you probably lack experience, because your opponent will claim that you are the asshole.

                  Have you ever worked in an office, volunteer organization, missionary group, art collective, or literally any other group human endeavour?

                  They all have expected norms of behavior and ask those who don’t conform to them to leave.

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                    I don’t remember any such group needing a pseudo-law HR-babble document to accomplish that, at least not in the last 30 years.

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                      They literally all do. Every single organization you’ve ever been involved with that wasn’t just you and some buddies had an employee handbook or volunteer agreement or something in which this sort of thing was spelled out.

                      To not have one opens them up to “well I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” when they get mad at someone, or a lawsuit if they get fired because they didn’t know some behavior wasn’t acceptable.

                      And apparently these sorts of things are necessary, because a lot of people can’t just…not be a dick.

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                        To all of that: No. Please stop applying your cultural expectations to the rest of the planet.

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                          Seriously though, if you don’t like it you’re free to start your own kernel with blackjack and hookers if you’d like. Stop telling others how they can run their projects.

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                            Stop telling others how they can run their projects.

                            Oh, the old Fox News “if the argument is lost, just accuse others of the thing you are doing yourself to turn any discussion into a fact-free ‘you did it! no you!’”.

                            I think we can stop here.

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                              We need a CoC which goes against that kind of cultural imperialism.

                              Not to mention blatant racism and sexism.

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                          There’s a long unbroken chain from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_Hammurabi to present day, by way of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_law (among other such pseudo-law HR-babble documents, including of course https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/constitution-transcript).

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                            None of these are even remotely related to the topic at hand.

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                      OK, that’s a start. Now define it, as opposed to thinking anyone who acknowledges it’s a complex topic is a horrible human being. Define it in a culture-neutral fashion, and define it such that the non-neurotypical don’t get thrown out or made to feel less than.

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                      I don’t even think that’s the biggest problem directly, but the fact that “imposing” (not a word I’d choose) a CoC on a community that’s (obviously) not prepared for it will be divisive – and why should it not? It’s kind of the point of a CoC – a “motion of confidence” of sorts that a community poses to itself. Either it’s admitted which forces the reactionaries to split of or if it looses the progressives don’t feel welcome anymore. And frankly, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

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                        I love reading the replies to https://lobste.rs/s/uyriow/linux_4_19_rc4_released_apology#c_yl3d7r in retrospect.

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                        I really like the 2nd point, and the examples at the end; however, could this whole article not be summarized as “Make efficient choices?”

                        There’s no clear example where the author specifically said “we’re not running less software,” outside of saying MySQL + PostgreSQL.

                        The author even contradicts this somewhat by dropping MongoDB but adding DynamoDB.

                        With the sword example, yes it’d be stupid to bring 5 swords into battle. If you’re outsourcing work, why not just hire 4 more soldiers and wield the sword your best with?

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                          That was really informative. I’m in the first stage of this post and those tips should help me avoid future issues.

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                            Log aggregation is one of the most important things you can possibly do (Papertrail is pretty easy to setup and has a generous free tier). Don’t skimp on that, and backups!

                            Also, I can strongly suggest introducing caching as early as possible, I’ve used Redis and Memcached in the past both to great success. K/V stores can also solve a lot of problems that you would typically use a normal RDBMS with where they may fit better. Things like ephemeral data and sessions.

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                            Great presentation! I was actually woefully unaware of these hidden state things. I rarely use notebooks and treat them more as ‘test.sh,’ akin to when I’m just messing around with shell scripts; usually to just learn how new libraries I’m playing with work.